Wednesday, November 2, 2011

I said byebye to cellulite with Premium Beautiful!

To date, after wearing Premium Beautiful like a month, these are my results: 

No more cellulite at my thighs (it was really bad after Zara's delivery) 

No love handles anymore.. yay!

My tummy has firmed up! I see a better me inside the mirror~ 

Most importantly.. I can wear my old kebayas again..!!

I can run freely in my Premium Beautiful! Jgn harap la nak berlari2 if I'm just using nursing bra inside.. Pergi Terry Fox Run mesti pakai PB! (ok, maaf la belum sempat nak amik gambar lagi.. busy with work.. going outstation some more) 

What did I do? I only wear PB and walk daily from Dayabumi to LRT station.. that's it. Food? I eat as usual since I'm breast feeding.. asyik lapar je.. haishhh..

This month alone, I have 3 events to MC.. have to look good for the events. Thanks God I have a little secret to help me. It's Premium Beautiful~ :D


chicA said...

ahhhh..siyesli. dgn perut yg makin membesar, berlipat dan buncit dek keje kat opis je dan tak bersenam (dan umur yg meningkat) kami sgt2 teringin dgn PB. hu hu hu..

and there's always a big BUT..

Sharifah Zahira @ Lady RoRa said...

bole je Ikin.. nt da lg lama buncit lg susah nk get rid tau..