Sunday, February 26, 2012

Premium Beautiful: March - April Promo!!

Hey there ladies!!

Guess what? I just lost 3 kgs in 3 months!

Unbelievable (for me it is!) since I have never really managed to shed my weight as fast before.

Thanks to Premium Beautiful!!

Do you want to experience the same thing??

Tired of your bulging tummy?
Hate those love handles?
Wish you could lose some weight?
Feeling down when you see other ladies in shapely figure?
Having lack of self esteem because you can't fit in those pretty kebayas?
Having to hide your figure under oversized shirts?
Or maybe you in your confinement and you are thinking of getting rid of that traditional "bengkung"?

Well, here's a great piece of news for you!

You can OWN one Premium Beautiful today!

I'm holding discounts for those who want to purchase it until end of April!!

S size is RM 2099

L - XL size is RM 2199

XXL onwards is RM 2250

... and all comes with FREE PB Wash!!

I have installment plan too :) and if you want to purchase by piece, you can do so too :)

Have any inquiries? do contact me at 0192787433 today!

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