Sunday, November 28, 2010

From Heathrow to KLIA

Finally, my 3 months vacation has reached its end. I am already home for 6 days. How time flies..! What can I say, these 6 days have been the busiest days since the last one month! Just got back from hubby's grandma's house in Muar, and I'm gonna start working in a couple of days.

The journey back home from London was, should I say, for the time being, was a once-in-a-lifetime-on-own-expense experience. I loved the journey, and I really wished the plane would have flown slower so that I'll reach KL a bit delayed, haha. Thanks to my beloved hubby for the treat. 

We flew on different flights. He was on MAS, and his flight was 9 hours after mine! Pity that he had to wait so long at Heathrow. Sian sayang..

My boarding pass to Abu Dhabi.. before heading back to KL

Spent some time filling in my empty stomach at Etihad lounge before the flight.. and best of all, the surau was really nice..~

At Pearl Business Class section. I like the concept. Privacy oriented.

My seat of London-Abu Dhabi journey.. they changed it to 9A. Well, the most important thing is that it was the window seat :D

The entertainment system + navigator map display and my leg-rest. I spent the journey watching Salt and Grown Ups :D (takde la best sangat pun cerita Salt.. biasa je. Only that I got to laugh at Schreiber because Jolie was tougher, despite her skinny frame)

At Abu Dhabi Airport Etihad lounge :D

 A not-so-strategic view of the lounge food parlour

I had chicken briyani at the lounge.. just had to eat even though it was already reaching final call for my flight. If not, nausea would come to attack! As usual, I was almost the last person to board the plane (i like..~)

Okay, here we go.. KL, here we come!

The Pearl Business section was mostly unfilled. Unlike in the journey to Abu Dhabi (pak Arab main first/ business class aje!)The flight to KL was a bit boring.. I guess I missed the Chinese stewardess from the previous flight. She was a lot better than the stewardess who was in charge of my section.

 A view of Abu Dhabi from an elevation.. the city looked great at night!

I really missed the journey.. and I am damn sure I could do it again, even with my stomach getting bigger! Well, perhaps next time, I'll be on business trips again :) (tapi asyik Miri + Kerteh, dah boring dah.. :| what to do..)

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

I wanna makan!

Woho..I had nothing written in October! 

Oh well, I was sooo lazy to write. And this all-day-long nauseous feeling got me to be so unfriendly.

Currently, I don't really look forward for a new day. Why? Because all that I can think of when I wake up is "Hmm, what can I eat today?" How pathetic is it to think of what to eat as soon as one gets out of the bed? I think my appetite is pathetic. The choices I have are pathetic too.

I can almost guarantee that I won't miss Subway's tuna sandwich for quite sometime. Unlike I could eat tuna sandwich everyday at Central Market food court before.

And hmm, chicken dishes right now, also make me feel queasy. Even the smell of KFC can make me euuughh, bluekkkhhh!! Unless it's normally fried like the ones in ordinary Malaysian eateries. Thank God that my husband brought me to Malaysia Hall to have breakfast last Saturday. That fried meehoon I had.. it was sooo good.

Just look at me.. I couldn't even take another glance off the plate! And the teh tarik, it was heaven. Oops, that paru dish was hubby's. I don't like paru btw.

I really hope that I'll get something like this for the coming weekend. Dah boring asyik makan sandwich sardin and scrambled eggs. And am so sick of the smell of Punjabi food too..

You know, it's really not like me.. I couldn't even careless before if lunch was the final meal of the day.  Now, no more.

Haih, selera.. selera.. mau makan apa.. sambil berfikir, sambil tu angin masuk perut!!