Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Just a thought..

At times we need to look into the past.. to appreciate what we had, what we are and what we have now..

Whatnots out of boredom

It's the 10th day of February and I haven't posted anything? Wow..

Well, I don't really have much things to share for the time being. It's just that these 2 weeks somehow are the times I really wanna pass. Performance review cycle, and at the same time I won't be in Digi's roaming area, and all the final things that need to be settled before the big day (banyak lagi ke..? Maybe..) I'm not tired of it actually. It's just that I hope everything will go as I planned.

You see, I plan a lot. But I do have flexibilities in my plans. It's just that when the plans can really go as they should, I don't like it when it has to change without a strong reason. Nevertheless, I adapt very well. Even if I have to fake it.


If anyone were to tell me that they were lonely, they definitely have no idea that I am very well versed at it. But I kinda like it. Among the things that I really appreciate is solitude.

Hmm.. I don't really like to be called 'a people person'.

Oh God.. It's just so empty.

It's just me, the TV and my laptop in front of me..

Maybe I should update my wedding page.

Oh yeah, to friends who have gotten my invitation card, please tell me okay. And yes, save the date!