Thursday, January 31, 2008

A new feel in a new ambiance: Learn to love!

Say hello to Zahira in Blogspot!

After about two and a half years blogging in Friendster, I finally moved to Blogspot. I dunno why I did that.. may be getting into a new environment could be a motivation for me to continue writing. I noticed, ideas come in really scarcely for me. The thinking of writing or commenting about something is there.. but all those thinking are kinda personal.. and that I wouldn't want my blog to sound so personal.. I'm no celebrity.. nobody would wanna read, haha.

Okay2. So how does it feel already being 3 months here in this skycraper? Well.. I think the exact word to describe it is WEIRD. If there is any young reader of this blog, take it from me kid, working is boring, unless you work for yourself, in your own company, where you are your own boss, and no one is gonna have your KPI and Leadership evaluated, everyday! (okay, now I feel so immature.. or better, kiasu) But why work still?? Haha.. it's all about the money man.. and if I'm not working, God knows how Mom will nag me.. and I won't be able to get myself that nice wardrobe.

You know what, I just realize, for the past 6 years, I have not really asked myself what is it that I wanna do with my life. No, UTP was not in the list, doing electrical engineering also wasn't there.. not even working as an HR personnel! Haha.. and right now, I asked myself, what do I REALLY want in life.. if it is concerning about my 'periuk nasi', I am clueless. I have indulgences, but those indulgences.. well.. they are not approved by my folks, haha. So, no say about it. Looks like I had better control of my junior years compared to now as an adult. No wonder Peter Pan didn't wanna grow up, haha. But then, by not growing up, one will never learn. Life is not always a pot of honey. Life is tasteful. And not all tastes come into one's liking, am I not right?

Nevertheless, we always have a choice to make. Afterall, to be happy or not, it is up to us to choose. Though I know that Capricorns don't really fall for or change for something as fast, but the liking or hating will come eventually. Of course, you can't really fake it when you love or hate something.

Right now, I'm constantly thinking of 'what's in it for me'. I used to believe that that phrase is somewhat selfish. But gradually, I come to think that being selfish is okay at times. Working for someone else; the company's goal might not be your aspirations. And that, you start to think, what are you doing in the company. My senior manager always said that Generation Y are an impatient breed. I think I would agree. Many of the young executives are leaving. I do not know how the bosses will strategize on this. What's more.. the Generation X, the vastly-experienced bosses, are retiring soon.

Ah... again, it's a choice to make. In life, we have to strategize our own life path. Challenging or not, demanding or not, it is us who decide. I am a big girl already. Come what may, I'll face it with a positive mind, a strong heart, and good will.

So should you. No exception.