Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Some ngomelan

Just a few things to mention..

1) Two wrongs don't make a right. I suppose many of us can easily hear people say this, even in formal meetings! "It's mean.." (when the actual meaning is "it means..", not like in the context of "it's mean... to do something bad to someone..") Too many times. In fact, it has never been corrected since the first time I heard someone said "it's mean.." Is it because of the slogan "Kepimpinan melalui Teladan", therefore, those who don't really know grammar just follow blindly without questioning (or they can't even bother to question) the appropriate use of apostrophes? The worst part is, the grammatical error becomes increasingly widely used in other phrase like "it's depend" (duuhh..)

2) Terawih di masjid/ surau. When my siblings and I were younger, my mom used to scold us whenever we made noises when she was performing her prayers. Usually, the prize would be blue-black bruises, haha (serious sakit gile kena cubit dengan pakar!) But we got the point, that making noise when people are praying or reciting the verses is discourteous. I expect parents to teach their kids about manners. The tok imam repeatedly reminded parents who brought along their kids to refrain them from making noises while the jemaah were praying. But of course, some parents were too lenient toward their kids, until their kids became uncontrollably naughty and noisy. I have pinched one kid at the surau last Ramadhan after terawih, thanks to her distracting the jemaah by lying down on the prayer mat in front of us when we were performing terawih. I don't wanna do it again. But these kids, they just have to be taught a lesson! And believe me, I am actually tempted to do it again.

3) Sentenced to be caned, but nobody is expert enough to perform the caning? It's just like sentencing the accused person to go to jail, but then, rupa-rupanya the jail has not been built! Or does the judge actually expect her to appeal.. in which she didn't? Silap la Your Honor.

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Of H1N1 and whatnots

Gossip hari ini: Akhil Hayy is married to Waheeda? Whateverrr...

Another week in Miri and I can't wait to come home. Unluckily, my flight home is on the first day of Ramadhan, which means I won't be able to dine on flight (which is something I reaallllyy love~) I hope the renovation is done by then, and hopefully I will be able to find something good for Mak to decorate the house with next weekend.

News on arising number of H1N1 cases is something not so nice to know. Yesterday, in the news, it was predicted that almost 5 million of Malaysians will be affected by the virus. Such a large number! I sincerely hope that we Malaysians adhere to the advice from MOH, to take care of our hygiene especially our hands, and to cover the mouth and nose whenever we sneeze or cough. I really think that those who cough and sneeze freely without heeding people's presence are really insensitive about this matter. Doesn't matter if you don't have H1N1 pun. It's also a matter of courtesy and manners. Sometimes I just feel like blurting out my anger to this kind of people. Tapi nanti diri sendiri terbuat (walaupun tak sengaja), orang kata 'cakap tak serupa bikin' lak kan.. so, better I keep it inside.. dan protect myself with tissue papers and Scott's Emulsion..

(Mak, Abah and the whole family, sila simpan stok Scott's Emulsion ya..)

At present, I feel time is ticking really fast. It's already August, and exactly in 5 months' time I'll be 26! Fuu.. dah nak late 20s ok. In these two years, I notice that there are lots of changes in me, especially in the aspect of viewing life. I am also trying to recollect things that happen in my childhood and adolescence, so that whatever I experienced can be shared with my generation later, in hope of giving them more life options and insights before making any decisions.

(Is that too early to be thought of? Hmm..)

I think I have aged (I bet Mak will say I'm crazy). Ageing, in a way, I think it's interesting. But I would prefer if it is accompanied with exponential matureness of the mind.

Monday, August 10, 2009

August wishes

A few people to congratulate =))
1) To Mak for completing her Ph.D. Can't wait for your convo in November!
2) En. Dayat and Kak Zufina for the newborn baby girl. Siapa namanya..? Is it Dania?
3) My dearest and prettiest roomate, Shafaf for the awesome news.

A few wishes to be expressed >_~
1) Happy birthday to Maktok. You never age in our eyes.
2) Happy 2 years of knowing each other, Encik Tunang~ :) dah 2 tahun kita convo ek.. how time flies..
3) Selamat berpuasa to all friends.. moga bulan puasa ni tak la panas sangat..
4) Best wishes to Kak Nedd.. may you deliver a healthy and cute little baby~ just like the mom ;)

I'm depending on Scott's Emulsion now.. to strengthen my body resistance.. and hopefully to keep me safe from that bloody flu! You guys should try it too. It's really good. One second I am having runny nose, and the other second it's totally gone! Magic gile..

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Eh, dah August dah..

My weekend: two movies in a row: disappointing Harry Potter and his troubled mates (why did Snape claim himself a 'prince' eh? Is he some kind of royalty? I wonder..) and Transformers (to overcome the disappointment in Harry), some shopping, spending some time with beloved fiance at our fave ice cream parlor, dining out with the family, and making currypuffs for today's breakfast. Next on today's list: meeting my planner and accompanying Ain for more shopping =D

This week alone, I watched three movies already. The other one was 'Night at the Museum 2: Battle of the Smithsonian'. Okay, I should fairly say that Transformers 2 kinda uplifted the frustration. Well, boleh lah..

Some questions pondering in my mind while watching the movies:

1. What happened to the meeting with Wal-Mart that Larry's company managed to secure? I thought that he would be having tough time balancing between his business and his mission for the museum. In the end, his business didn't really portray himself as a successful businessman. I was puzzled.

2. I wonder if Amy Adams' presence as Amelia Earhart was merely because the story needed a character who knew how to fly an aircraft. Apart from flying, she was just an excess baggage for Larry.. and a seducer.. lame.

3. How could JK Rowling ended Dumbledore's character by letting him die in vain? In vain as in how could Dumbledore not know that the necklace was void and risked Harry and himself to get it? Could it be that the author just wanted to express that nobody is perfect?

Night at the Museum: The story is so easy to be predicted. Takde surprise. Bosan!
Harry Potter: Too many scenes of that itchy ugly girl getting obsessed with Ron, Malfoy crying and fidgeting.. haih, boring betul. Bila Death Eaters nak mati ni~~!!
Transformers: The robots are the ones who should be nominated in the Oscars.

Lepas ni lagi la malas nak pergi tengok wayang. The motivation is just the popcorn..