Saturday, November 26, 2011

Premium Beautiful: Year End Promo!

Heyya ladies~! Good news for you, I'm having Premium Beautiful year end promotion !!

Come on.. join these ladies who successfully shaped themselves.. not only to look good, but to be healthier!!

 You know what you gotta do.. Pick up the phone and call me!! :)

Promo ends 31st December 2011. Deadline extension on request only :)

Friday, November 25, 2011

Recent happenings

I just got back from Melaka attending PETRONAS Instrument Forum at Melaka Refinery. Ahemmm.. well, 'attending' may not be so appropriate to describe it, as I was a part of the organizing committee doing the role I do and love best: emceeing :D

Luckily Ain and Aishah were around to accompany me and babysit Zara while I was away from the hotel. Although Holiday Inn Melaka is indeed a very nice hotel (not to mention expensive!) it is quite far from the refinery. Yeah I know 22 km sounds near, but try driving using the bumpy village roads, surrounded by reckless drivers.. that 22 km everyday felt like forever in the car. For one, Melaka sure has a lot of bad drivers! I'll think twice to come back there driving on my own.

Here are a few pics we took along the days. Very few, but memorable indeed :)

Zara all geared up to travel! Yay~

Mama and Zara at the hotel lobby.. ready nak jalan-jalan cari makan

My sisters who helped me look after Zara  :) Malam je boleh keluar.. nak lunch kena order room service je la.. Sian korang sure boring kan..
Zara sound asleep despite the noisy surrounding. Penat sangat la agaknya ni..

Time sure does fly fast. And in a few days' time, Zara will reach 6 months old. Mama sooo can't wait! Wonder how will Zara feel about eating pureed food after this. She has already shown 'interest' to eat whenever she sees me eating in front of her. Last week, she grabbed the bread I was holding and quickly put in her mouth. Okay okay, very soon you will get to eat okay darling.

Now I feel kinda settled to go outstation again. The phase of I-so-wanna-work-from-home is kinda fading. I can concentrate on both work and family now. Kabi said that one can't win in the game of succeeding in both working and parenting. But I strongly beg to differ. I want both. It's better to have both 80%-80% than scoring at work and losing touch with our children. Well, maybe dads just have different ideas than moms do.

Okay, I'm hearing calls from Miri..
Zara Soraya, get ready!

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Can I breastfeed while wearing Premium Beautiful?

As a working mom, it is not always easy to juggle between work and family. When I say WORK, it means adhoc outstation assignments, sudden report/ proposal submissions, engineering reports, etc. 

Zara is still breastfeeding, and that means I will need to pump out the milk whenever I am at work. Outstation or not, I do it religiously. Thanks to my hubby and friends for the support. Now that Zara's approaching 6 months, I am glad to tell that Zara still feeds exclusively on my milk. Not to say that I have a lot of it, but so far it is sufficient for Zara :)

Now that I'm wearing Premium Beautiful, the case is, can I still breastfeed/ pump the milk out? The answer is a big fat YES!! Well, if not, I definitely won't buy it, since Zara is the priority now in whatever I do.

Ok, so how to still wear Premium Beautiful when you're pumping? Here's how :)

Loosen the straps of the log bra, and pull down the cup.This works best especially if you're using a manual pump/ electric pump that needs you to hold it while pumping.

Alright this one looks kinda familiar with mothers who pump using Medela, especially Freestyle (yeah I'm one of the Freestylers too!). Use 'Hook A' and and just hook it at the long bra adjuster.

To attach the side strap to your body, clasp the strap to your waist nipper. So now you're ready to pump for your darling angel!

Easy kan? Yeah.. and because Premium Beautiful helps your blood circulation, it also helps to increase your milk production. Well, for me it increased to about 1 - 1.5 ounces. That's good enough for me in one day.

Women and mothers out there, I know we are busy with our work and deadlines, but we gotta take care of ourselves too! Wearing Premium Beautiful is just an effortless way to help you not only to stay in shape, but also to deal with our womanly problems like sagging, menstrual problems, etc.

So contact me now! I'm giving discounts to those who respond early. You may be one of the lucky customers!

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

I said byebye to cellulite with Premium Beautiful!

To date, after wearing Premium Beautiful like a month, these are my results: 

No more cellulite at my thighs (it was really bad after Zara's delivery) 

No love handles anymore.. yay!

My tummy has firmed up! I see a better me inside the mirror~ 

Most importantly.. I can wear my old kebayas again..!!

I can run freely in my Premium Beautiful! Jgn harap la nak berlari2 if I'm just using nursing bra inside.. Pergi Terry Fox Run mesti pakai PB! (ok, maaf la belum sempat nak amik gambar lagi.. busy with work.. going outstation some more) 

What did I do? I only wear PB and walk daily from Dayabumi to LRT station.. that's it. Food? I eat as usual since I'm breast feeding.. asyik lapar je.. haishhh..

This month alone, I have 3 events to MC.. have to look good for the events. Thanks God I have a little secret to help me. It's Premium Beautiful~ :D