Sunday, June 29, 2008

Of plants and pets

My fave spot in my house and its compound would be the lawn.

Though the bougainvillea plants are not really budding that many flowers, I never give up hope to see them popping new petals.. and I always wait for the next weekend to come, to see if there is any good progress.

Yerp.. the greeneries around the house helps me to calm down somehow.. there is pleasure being surrounded by green growing trees and plants. Furthermore, the longan tree is starting to bear fruits. We also have a few tapioca plants, and they are growing fast. Siapa nak free sayur pucuk ubi, bolehlah mintak ye.. no charge at all :)

Ooops.. hehe.. that is Ozal in the top-left pic. I am not sure what was he checking on.

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When I came downstairs this morning, Mom told me that our 2-week adopted little mynah which we called Chipchip has died. It didn't really eat since yesterday morning. I thought Chipchip was getting bored of the bird palette that we have been feeding it. Chipchip's death added our bad record in raising pets.. sigh.

We had a few pets before: 2 kittens, a cat which we called Minah, 3 Oscars, a mynah (which we didn't give a name) and Chipchip.

We had the Oscars as Ozal's birthday present. I think that was back in 2002. They were really aggressive, and they fed on small fishes and tiny shrimps. They died at the same time my grandmother was stricken by dengue in 2003. We didn't know if the Oscars were infected also, but yeah.. it was sad that we had an empty aquarium after the incident. Mom didn't wanna have fishes as pets anymore.


Minah was a special stray cat for us. The fact that she always dropped by in the morning and at night ignited our affection for her. A few days after giving birth to her two lovely kittens in our kitchen, she behaved really differently. She vomited and excreted everywhere in the lawn, and the last time we saw her was when she was lying under the pudding plant at the corner of the lawn. We were very sad and buried her. We gave away her kittens to my aunt, who is a better caretaker of cats compared to us.

Chipchip came after about two years after we didn't really have any pet. She was an orphan nestling, left abandoned on my room ceiling. My dad took it off the ceiling and brought it down, since she was making noises up there. For the first two weeks, she was okay. I didn't really know what went wrong.. but I suppose she must have been needing something that we can't give her: a mother bird's treat. Today, she left us.. I felt really bad..

That mynah.. oh she was an even more fragile story.. I can't really recall though..

But all I know, I wouldn't wanna be so auspicious of taking care of animals again.. Though the intention is good, but I would prefer if their life span can be prolonged if they stay in their own comfortable zone.. that even cushions and expensive palettes can't compare.

I wonder if I can keep these words..

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Lookout! (if I have tagged you~)

Okay. So last week was a busy week for me and KLCC fellas.. especially on answering-the-emails thingy. I'm not gonna defend my employer here.. cuz I think I'm done with it, and how it drained the energy out of me.. I guess I'd better be doing something better. Angry people won't access their rational heads anyway.

But the thing is, no one was there to help clear the fact, officially. That
interview with Tan Sri was a wasted opportunity by the TV station to help clear the facts, thanks to the two (shallow) journalists and the (err) chairperson. Except us, the employees who at most, could only reply the allegations thrown to us.. but of course, never to the satisfaction of the bombardiers. I guess the premier enjoyed it very much since people were diverting their blame elsewhere, whereas all the blame should be put on him.

Ah.. just gth, premier.

Aite, so now, I need to unwind for a while. Let's play the game of tagging. Those whom I have tagged below, you can answer these (or should I say, you must! hehe..)

7 facts about me

a) I am the eldest of four
b) I'm half Perakian and half Johorean, but I claim myself a full Selangorean.. hihi..
c) I have about 9 moles on my face (and counting..)
d) I love singing a lot. Nevertheless, I don't like karaoke competitions.
e) My shoe size is 8 (ye.. sgtlah besar ye.. >_<)
f) I am actually not that talkative, trust me.
g) My fave item when I was in school was my box of oil pastels. Yerp.. I loved art.

7 things that scare me
a) Cockroaches (the most!!)
b) Ermm.. almost all insects (minus ants)
c) Ghosts (though I have never encountered one, but nevermind)
d) Big-built, rough-looking man (ala2 the villain in Mulan animation). Ramai seyh men like that in KL
e) Death
f) Illness
g) Stormy weather

7 songs playing in my mind
a) Stop and Stare
b) Teardrops on My Guitar
c) Aku Lebih Tahu
d) Damaged
e) Sempurna
f) Aku Skandal
g) Pagi Yang Gelap

7 valuable things in my life
a) My family
b) WND 2204 driver
c) My Gs
d) Good friends around me.. you know who you are =)
e) My gadgets and accessories
f) My certificates
g) My resume

7 'first times' in life
a) Singing in front of a crowd at the age of 6
b) Became the class monitor in Standard One
c) Khatam Quran at 11 years old
d) Rollerblading when I was 11
e) Won a debate competition at 12 years old
f) Go-karting at 15 years old
g) First time staying in a hostel at 18 years old in Asasi Sains UM

7 best gifts received
a) A white gold ring
b) A brown pashmina
c) A silver pearl bracelet
d) A purple pearl bracelet
e) A pink pearl bracelet (three bracelets from three friends okay.. isn't that sweet :D)
f) A coin bank. Helps me save more :)
g) A hand-made photo frame

7 friends that I wanna tag :)
a) Kak Zufina (or en. Dayat yang tolong buatkan nanti? haha :D)
b) Eija
c) Radzi
d) Hafidz
e) Enol
f) Adrian
g) Iman (kalau hang rajin la..hehe)

Friday, June 13, 2008

Ngok ngek hari Jumaat

Ok.. after a while tak update blog, I promised myself that tonight I would jot down anything that I can think of.. even though it's crap!

Hari ini dalam sejarah
I dunno what will my (future) children read in their history books.. I dunno if Kementerian Pelajaran will write all the glory of the nation sahaja.. Tak aci la kan macam tu.. semata-mata nak cover kelemahan pemimpin yang teruk.

I just viewed the video on the parade against the fuel price hike tu.. i think it was led by Salahuddin Ayub, among other leaders. Kalau aku jadi Paklah la.. malunya aku if rakyat want me to step down. Bukan setakat written protest atau invade website PM ye. Ini dah terang-terangan menyuruh step down. Aku rasa Paklah ni bukan aje tak pandai (memang sejarah pengajian dia pun memahatkan yang dia tak pandai sejak muda-muda lagi kan) tapi bodoh sombong lak tu. Dah tak reti nak melukis, tak payah la berangan nak lukis painting mengalahkan Yusof Gajah atau pelukis Central Market sekalipun. Dah tak reti nak mentadbir, bagi sajalah pada yang lebih berkepimpinan dan berfikiran seperti seorang leader.

Dan selain rakyat Malaysia who have my sympathy, my support also goes to my Tan Sri.. people who are not enlightened can say what they want.. tapi I suggest kenalilah custodian minyak dan gas negara ni dulu.. baru la hentam beb.. nampak berasas sket (kalau argument tu berasas la kan..)

Hmm.. akan adakah coretan tentang perhimpunan sebegini dalam buku teks Sejarah 10 -20 tahun akan datang..? Or some writeup begini "Paklah gagal menjadi pemimpin yang berkesan sehingga memaksa rakyat menukar kerajaan kepada Pakatan Rakyat"

Ntah la.. takpe2.. mak ayah boleh jadi storyteller, haha!

Nak emo jap..
Hmm.. when I was in Form 4 and Form five, I permitted my friends calling me Kak Pah (though I was used to 'Sharifah' all the way before that!) because they justified that it was a symbol of respect towards the headgirl (yes, I was the headgirl!). Later, bila masuk universiti, entah siapa la start calling me Kak Pah (which I recently found out that it was Thana!), boleh kata most of the varsity mates who can be called distant friends called me by that nickname. I hated it actually. Nevertheless I managed to change the nickname to Ira for those close to me. So yang mana panggil Kak Pah tu, they are of course not my close friends, or I personally define as 'member angkat-angkat tangan je'.

Now, kat KLCC, jangan mimpilah I wanna respond to any Kak Pah calling anymore ya.

There is this friend of mine, I wonder why he interchangeably call me Ira and Kak Pah. Recently he needed my help to get into my company. I gave him the contact person and I expect him to liaise directly with her (be independent la wei~). But he kept on bugging me to ask for the updates, which he can easily do it himself. Last Wednesday, he opened a chat conversation with me, by calling 'Ira'. I didn't respond because I was away from my workstation for quite a few hours. Then yesterday, he opened a chat conversation with me again, by calling me 'Kak Pah'. Hell no, I won't respond ok. Nasib kaulah..

Tolong kawan.. ?
To what extent can you help a friend? I used to be inspired of being a good Samaritan, but now, I guess no more miss nice girl. I seldom ask for help from my friends because I don't wanna trouble them, and I don't wanna put the value of friendship on a favor not being fulfilled. But I realized that there are a few friends who take me for granted. Since I can't really confront face to face, I'll say them here
- bila nak bayar hutang?
- see me when you miss me, not when you have problems only.
- I will just be honest, cuz honesty is the best policy, either you like it or not.

Once I read this somewhere.. "Friends come and go, but friendship is there to stay".. I wonder what it means.. seriously I can't figure out any sense there..

But I'm glad so far, I have never encountered this with my Gs. I hope I never will. God willing. Gs, thanks for the sincerity.. =)


Esok..??? I ada date di post office~ haha.. see you there!