Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Raya + filem Melayu = Lemau

Raya ke-4. Macam dah kehabisan idea nak pergi rumah siapa. We only visited Uncle Mansor, mom's varsity junior, also one of her good friends. I am waiting for Zuhairy and Uncle Shah's open house on Saturday. Gathering lagi!

Today, we had the entire day to waste. Thinking of helping my dad to mow the lawn, it was too hot I couldn't stand it, so sorry Abah. So the last resort was the TV, and since TV stations were playing so many movies, I thought that I should watch a few movies. And so, I watched 'Anak Halal' and 'I'm Not Single'. I only watched the latter halfway through. Boleh tak kitaorang bersorak gembira masa Fasha terjun bangunan dalam Anak Halal? Sibuk je nak potong jalan Maya Karin, cewah.

Two main summaries I made:
1) Mesti ramai guys jealous dengan Farid Kamil. Mungkin dia good-looking (and he knows how to capitalize on that for sure), and most importantly, he has hugged Fasha Sandha, Maya Karin, Raja Farah and Lisa Sughihani (betulkan pronunciation 'R' tu Lisa, isk..) Rezeki dia la kut.
2) Fasha Sandha pun tidak keberatan untuk peluk semua actors. Dalam Anak Halal tu macam semua je dia peluk. Sigh. Malu la tengok.

In general, watching Malay movies kat TV pun boleh rasa nak cekik diri sendiri kerana telah membuang masa dan juga mensia-siakan neuron otak yang rosak kerana TV. If they give away free tickets to watch pun, I don't think I wanna go.

I think there are a few issues before the film makers and producers can really come up with a good movie to sell:
1) Not enough budget
2) Not enough technology
3) Time constraint
4) Apprehensive to explore beyond normal societal stories
5) More interested to 'sell' current issues like mat rempit and bohsia
6) The mindset that Malays like to watch comedy stories aka movies with 'light & easy' storyline
7) Scared of criticism
8) Lack of true talents (janji kena cantik @ sexy)
9) Cronism inside the movie industry

Watching P Ramlee's movies jugak yang best. No need million-dollar budget. Though I have watched some of his films tens of times (and some of the dialogues I can memorize) but I am never tired to watch them again. Am pretty sure many Malaysians are alike in that sense.

Suatu hari lebih kurang 3 bulan lepas:

Lisa: You dah tengok 'Jangan Pandang Belakang Congkak?'
Me: Err.. not yet..
Lisa: Eyy pergila tengok.. best tau cerita dia.. kelakar.
Me: Kelakar ke..? Bukan ke cerita hantu? I can't really watch horror movies aa Lisa (cewah, nak ngelak je ni) then Senario summore.. tak minat la..
Lisa: Eyy tak2.. cite dia best, nanti tengok tau.
Me: Haha, ye ke.. okay2, nanti I tengok :)

Yeah right. Show kat TV pun tak tengok.

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Malam Raya

It's 11.25 p.m.

Baru habis masak kuah briyani daging, ayam masak merah and acar rampai. Dead tired and sleepy.

Esok mesti bangun awal. After subuh prayers, tolong masak nasi minyak jap, mandi sunat aidilfitri and head to the mosque for solat sunat aidilfitri.

Tahun ni we'll be spending raya in KL.. hopefully this time around, raya will bring sweet memories, and more people to the house!

Selamat Hari Raya to my readers and friends :)


In the car, heading back from Pasar Pagi Sek. 16.
Ain: Along, tahun depan Along dah tak ikut kitaorang pergi pasar beli barang kan.. Along dah tak tolong masak.. Pagi raya pun tak dgn kitaorang. Ee.. sedih nya..

Me: A'a kut.. hmm.. sedih kan.. tengok la macam mana nanti k..

Suddenly tears flowed down our cheeks. We cried in silence.

Ain: Mak.. minta tissue.. (sure Mak ingat Ain selsema..)

Friday, September 11, 2009

Blabs malam Likur

(1) Ramadhan has entered the 'Likur' period. Am I doing good? Well, I try to. Definitely many other people score better than I do. But, Allah is Most Merciful, and His mercy means everything for an average slave like me.

(2) Usually, the last ten days of Ramadhan will witness a more intense preparation towards welcoming 1 Syawal. Shoppings and stuff. I have not done that yet. Not excited to. Not really driven to celebrate raya, except by a few reasons: the annual leave, open houses by my friends and of course, my family will be complete again :) Well, for a week that is! Ozal, I got chocolates for you!

(3) I got this from someone: "What is constant in life? : CHANGE". I like that. It gives some sort of positive perspective of Change. Tiba-tiba terasa like it has been ages since I last went to a motivational talk. I suppose that was one of the recipe of my schooldays success. After schooling days ended, sendiri la kena motivate diri. Huhu..

(4) Siapa dah dapat kad raya from me, angkat tangan! Eh, sorry, I can't see you, hehe :D

Sunday, September 6, 2009

I love (smart) kids!

My mom holds tuition classes on weekdays except on Thursday. That means 4 times a week. In those 4 days, I loved it when it's Tuesday or Friday, because the two days are meant for primary schoolkids :) (yang dah secondary school ni tak best nak layan sgt.. berangan diorang dah lain macam sikit)

Sometimes, I join in my mom to teach too. I don't mind if they tell me "Kak, tak faham la...". I never give up in teaching them, because I believe if they do not understand what I am trying to teach, perhaps there are loopholes in the way I am teaching them.

"Faham tak?"
"Faham akak.."
"Sure betul faham..?"

Okay, teach again how to answer.

Tapi, paling tak suka if dah Standard 4 pun tak hafal sifir. The problem is, ramai yang tak hafal sifir! Sudahnya, memang kena bebel la..

I love kids. And above all, I looovveeee intelligent and witty kids. Bonus if they are cute (tak cute, salahkan mak bapak! haha)

But it's not everyday I get to see smart kids. When I meet one, I feel honored, refreshed, I feel great! And yes, I definitely respect the parents who know how to nurture the 'X-factor' in their kids. Walaupun Sufiah Yusof mischanneled her stress in education, I sincerely believe that her mom did a terrific job in educating her children until they are regarded as child prodigies in Math. Seriously, hebat.

When I was in primary school, I had two friends whom I consider to be totally out-of-the-box breed.

"Okay Sharifah, tell me in which period Velociraptor existed?"
"Johann Sebastian Bach was more into writing songs for the church.."
"Weih, fakta tentang Corsica and Sardinia dalam Joe Jambul semalam macam salah je.."

He made me read about classical composers, dinosaurs, world history, etc. Terrific inquisitive mind. I never stopped saluting him.

Arwah Idris:
"Okay Sharifah, aku challenge ko jawab soalan kuiz aku ni. Soalan pertama, namakan 5 jenis pokok fir.." (I was thinking "damn this isn't in Alam & Manusia year 4 chapters!")
"Kau ambil je mana-mana buku. Buku pasal Milky Way aku ada a few. Pinjam je.. aku dah baca semua"

It was a terrible moment when I learnt that he passed away. Almost 3 years already.

Presently, I think NST is doing a good job in educating kids and teens. Niexster pull-out is an avenue for me to find thoughtful kids and teens. Opinionated and matured compositions by ages 17 and below. I'm inspired. But most of the column contributors come from urban areas. Another NST effort is the Spell-It-Right contest. I guess that competition created some kind of competitiveness in learning among the participants (and the viewers too!)

I believe encouraging the offsprings to have a sense of race in learning is a good approach. Afterall, learning is not just about getting Top 3 in the school exam. To learn more means to give more choices of what one wants to specialize into in the future. Parents, they 'have been there, have done that', so supposedly they can guide their children through what they have experienced.

Ibu, Ayah, jangan la asyik fikir kerja.. we need your attention too!

Friday, September 4, 2009

1 - the number for Malaysia

Fuhh.. at present Malaysia has various kinds of fever:

1) H1N1 fever (please observe the way you cough and sneeze ya.. before someone gets a shout on the face for coughing or sneezing in front of people's face)
2) Bazaar Ramadhan fever (sila control selera anda. Perut anda bukan tong)
3) Shopping raya fever (baju kurung chiffon kat SACC RM1k! Are you crazy?)
4) Matta Fair fever (oklah, ni KL je)
and finally, the best fever ever - 1Malaysia fever (iyolah kau)

(actually I felt a little jealous of Faizal Tahir & co. for getting that RM25k fortune out of that 1Malaysia promo.. if only I write songs too.. haha. Tapi nasib baik Siti tak menang. Kuikuikui..)

Speaking about the spirit of 1Malaysia, I personally have been practicing it (without being pushed to do so!) since I was 5, that was when I moved to Alam Megah, and began to have friends of different races.

My first friend in the neighborhood was a Chinese boy. His name was Hock Seng. I can still recall, how I really enjoyed Chinese New Year, because we would fill our evening, together with my siblings, with playing firecrackers a few days before CNY. His family was equally friendly too. Then, when I stepped into kindergarten, my circle of Chinese and Indian friends grew. Some of them, I met them again when I stepped into secondary school. It was really fun back then. Every CNY, Raya or Deepavali would mean "it's time for beraya for us schoolmates!" Mandarin oranges, marukus and capatis and nasi impit.. everyone loved it.

Even language was not the barrier. In fact, we tried to learn a bit of Tamil and Cantonese. Those who excelled in English always made the effort to lend a hand to other classmates who wished to learn. Of course, when the exam seasons were around the corner, we became competitive, trying to outshine one another. We gauged each other's competency, and by knowing that, we doubled our efforts to do better. But we shared the mistakes we did in the exams, because in the end, it was the 'A' percentage of the class that mattered to us. We wanted to do better than our seniors. And yes, we did it.

Speaking of religion, we talked about everything. Why Muslims have to fast; the differences between Catholics and Protestants; the significance of cow in Hinduism, popular gods and goddesses of Buddhism (remember the series 'Journey to the West'?). Yet, we managed to observe the way we approach things between different races and religions. I totally felt the 'muhibah' atmosphere.

What I am trying to say is, even though the advertisements and promotions of 1Malaysia are heavily conducted, the possibility for 1Malaysia to be institutionalized inside everyone's mind and heart is slim if it is never felt nor experienced. I am not sure if the hearsay that says rifts among races are agonizing spreads purely on political purpose (disregarding what happened in Shah Alam). Politicians must remember, that one of their roles is to facilitate improvements, not scaring the public with free, baseless comments. I suppose, if more news on interracial well-being is publicized, perhaps it could motivate the readers to take it as a good societal example.

Another challenge for 1Malaysia to be implemented is that each race must understand the other races and their sensitivities. For example, caning of the Muslim model who consumed alcohol. Though for other races, it may be looked at as a severe prosecution for a woman, but it is a prosecution based on the religion. Therefore, other races must understand that the issue should totally be contained within the religious parameters only; not to be a polemic. Another good example is of course, the cow-head thingy. I suppose objections can be made in a more civilized and sensitive way. The action of putting the cow head to be displayed as such evidently showed that too little sensitivity is taken into consideration when the mind is in resentment.

But of course, intra racial harmony should be observed too~ (Malay neighbor vs Malay neighbor? A common eyesight I suppose. Sg Buloh Country Resort is the best example, haha. Siap nak berparang lagi.. gile.)

P/s: Tapi rasa pelik la bila dengar orang cakap "Salam 1Malaysia!". Ala-ala poyo pun ada jugak. Haha.