Thursday, June 19, 2008

Lookout! (if I have tagged you~)

Okay. So last week was a busy week for me and KLCC fellas.. especially on answering-the-emails thingy. I'm not gonna defend my employer here.. cuz I think I'm done with it, and how it drained the energy out of me.. I guess I'd better be doing something better. Angry people won't access their rational heads anyway.

But the thing is, no one was there to help clear the fact, officially. That
interview with Tan Sri was a wasted opportunity by the TV station to help clear the facts, thanks to the two (shallow) journalists and the (err) chairperson. Except us, the employees who at most, could only reply the allegations thrown to us.. but of course, never to the satisfaction of the bombardiers. I guess the premier enjoyed it very much since people were diverting their blame elsewhere, whereas all the blame should be put on him.

Ah.. just gth, premier.

Aite, so now, I need to unwind for a while. Let's play the game of tagging. Those whom I have tagged below, you can answer these (or should I say, you must! hehe..)

7 facts about me

a) I am the eldest of four
b) I'm half Perakian and half Johorean, but I claim myself a full Selangorean.. hihi..
c) I have about 9 moles on my face (and counting..)
d) I love singing a lot. Nevertheless, I don't like karaoke competitions.
e) My shoe size is 8 (ye.. sgtlah besar ye.. >_<)
f) I am actually not that talkative, trust me.
g) My fave item when I was in school was my box of oil pastels. Yerp.. I loved art.

7 things that scare me
a) Cockroaches (the most!!)
b) Ermm.. almost all insects (minus ants)
c) Ghosts (though I have never encountered one, but nevermind)
d) Big-built, rough-looking man (ala2 the villain in Mulan animation). Ramai seyh men like that in KL
e) Death
f) Illness
g) Stormy weather

7 songs playing in my mind
a) Stop and Stare
b) Teardrops on My Guitar
c) Aku Lebih Tahu
d) Damaged
e) Sempurna
f) Aku Skandal
g) Pagi Yang Gelap

7 valuable things in my life
a) My family
b) WND 2204 driver
c) My Gs
d) Good friends around me.. you know who you are =)
e) My gadgets and accessories
f) My certificates
g) My resume

7 'first times' in life
a) Singing in front of a crowd at the age of 6
b) Became the class monitor in Standard One
c) Khatam Quran at 11 years old
d) Rollerblading when I was 11
e) Won a debate competition at 12 years old
f) Go-karting at 15 years old
g) First time staying in a hostel at 18 years old in Asasi Sains UM

7 best gifts received
a) A white gold ring
b) A brown pashmina
c) A silver pearl bracelet
d) A purple pearl bracelet
e) A pink pearl bracelet (three bracelets from three friends okay.. isn't that sweet :D)
f) A coin bank. Helps me save more :)
g) A hand-made photo frame

7 friends that I wanna tag :)
a) Kak Zufina (or en. Dayat yang tolong buatkan nanti? haha :D)
b) Eija
c) Radzi
d) Hafidz
e) Enol
f) Adrian
g) Iman (kalau hang rajin la..hehe)


[YeOp] said...

Errr.. I got tagged! Okay2.. I will do it later. Hehe.. Nasib baik la drop by at ur blog. Kalo tak, x tau la kena tag. :D

desh said...

Ira. Nak Encik Dayat buat tag ni? Are you serious!!

Sharifah Zahira Syed Iedin said...

yerp.. never before more serious.. cewahh~

haha.. ye ye. i'm serious en. Dayat =) (or Kak Zufina)

desh said...

*smile*. Ira. That is so girlie thingy. *wink*


[YeOp] said...

9 moles on your face & counting? wah, banyaknya tahi lalat! macam Sharifah Aini~

Sharifah Zahira vs Sharifah Aini?

Ada chemistry kot. Hehehe :P

desh said...

Finally we finished it. Check it out ya.
I did it only for you. Anyone else ask me to do tagging, I'll pass.

Sharifah Zahira Syed Iedin said...

Muahaha.. i'm just this girl who makes heads turn just because they thought the four moles on my chin were manufactured.. haha! And tq Radzi for not noticing them. serious~

Have checked it out en. Dayat =) wayy better than mine. Ur first times were fun la.. serious!

Adrian said...

A bit late but hopefully I'll be writing again soon. Hi Ira :)

desh said...

Hi Ira.
Fun is my middle name.

desh said...

Quote. "That interview with Tan Sri was a wasted opportunity by the TV station to help clear the facts"

I think Tan Sri was doing great. One think that I respect about him is the way he talked. His style was very classy ,low key but straight to the point. I would even consider his style in some of my negotiation especially when dealing with the elders.

What I can tell you is Tan Sri has the presidency style and he is suitable as a CEO.

Different leaders have different style. Tun Mahathir and Dato' Sri Anwar have their own unique style of public speaking.

Sharifah Zahira Syed Iedin said...

Hi Adrian :) yeah, long time no update eh.. isk isk..

I was referring to the the other three guys in the interview en. Dayat.. We know that our Tan Sri (cewahh our tan Sri tu..) is a poised man..

I just felt that the journalists didn't really ask him to the satisfaction of the people.. :/

desh said...

Hi Ira.
Point taken actually.
But we needed these guys.
The other 3 guys were balancing Tan Sri coolness and stability. So they have to be annoying and bitchy.
Hahaha. *smile*

Movie metaphor:
They are like Agent Smith to Neo in The Matrix Revolutions.

Sadly, some of the Malaysians did not get the message. It's their IQ that is the main problem here.

Hafizd said...

alamak br dh pnh wat tag nih..ngeh2...btw, thanks for taq saya

msApple said...

i have been tagged. aiyoo.. nanti sy buat ek... wahh bnyk update. update slalu yer. boleh isis masa lapang yg bnyk kat office ni =)