Friday, February 6, 2009

What's wrong with me? What's wrong with you?!!

(With lotsa love from Kerteh >_<)

Ok. Still, this post will not discuss about the thing I really want to talk about. But anyway, I think this matter is also something we should think about, so yerp, I wanna talk about this.

When something that happened didn't really go the way we wanted it to, it is easier for us to just blame other people for it. Why is it easier? Well, there might be a few answers to explain that.

1) We are just too lazy to dig into the real cause of the problem.
2) We always think that our records are too good until it is almost impossible to accept that we could commit mistakes at times. It's something like Frank Sinatra's My Way la.. "Regrets, I have a few.. but then again, TOO FEW to mention.. lalala.. I did it MY WAY~" Yerp.. no one can object your way.. huh.
3) We think we know it all, and that no one can satisfy our expectations and needs, except ourselves.
4) Wrong mood, PMS, wrong timing.. everything's wrong! So yerp, not in the mood to find our own mistakes.
5) Well, maybe it is really totally not our fault. The people around us are just being paranoid over a small matter.

Well, tonnes of reasons of course! Nevertheless I feel that it is not right to just close our eyes and ears from helping or being cooperative to solve things, even though we are not the cause of the problem. Pointing a finger towards others will result in our other fingers pointing at us (alright2, except for our thumb la..) In an argument, I think what matters more is not to win the debate, but more to finding the best solution for the argument, so that we won't lose our self-respect just to win the case.

Oh well, it's just a thought..

A: What's wrong with you??
B: What's wrong with me? What's wrong with you?!! (Staring with enlarged eyes)
A: Nothing's wrong with me.. you're the one who started it!
.. I wonder when the squabbling will end..


mangifera said...

owh i think i know the drill. let me tell you the end when one party stop talking, it will be the end. yeah, until they getting tired.

or until one of them bring out knives or guns or something along the line and kill another party. hahahaha.

well, to admit that you're wrong not only reflect that you're wrong but reflect that your boss are not so good boss. he/she didn't coach you well, didn't checking up your work and most of all, it's all reflected in your performance appraisal.

you could be good for 364 days but if you screwed up even just 1 day and better still everybody knew about it, it might cost your job. the world is unfair and it always be unfair.

that's the defect of human being. we pay so much attention to misery make us forget to actually helps with the misery. we pay too much attention of pin pointing to whom should take the blame. i don't blame the system as when the big problem strike, we need to find the root cause and mitigate it but a small matter like put off the running water tap, switch off the lamp, turning off the tv and such could be such a big mess. just shut those down and stop being emotional.

when we accumulate those small "hatred", it become big. small things matters but sometimes it's also annoyed. perhaps we shouldn't be so gung ho on small things, we have better and bigger business to take care of. :)

desh said...

"In an argument, I think what matters more is not to win the debate"

My best answer is.
-You want my help, you want my advice, take it.
You don't, don't. I don't care.
Personally, I don't care what makes you happy.
Haha. Ok tak?