Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Whatnots out of boredom

It's the 10th day of February and I haven't posted anything? Wow..

Well, I don't really have much things to share for the time being. It's just that these 2 weeks somehow are the times I really wanna pass. Performance review cycle, and at the same time I won't be in Digi's roaming area, and all the final things that need to be settled before the big day (banyak lagi ke..? Maybe..) I'm not tired of it actually. It's just that I hope everything will go as I planned.

You see, I plan a lot. But I do have flexibilities in my plans. It's just that when the plans can really go as they should, I don't like it when it has to change without a strong reason. Nevertheless, I adapt very well. Even if I have to fake it.


If anyone were to tell me that they were lonely, they definitely have no idea that I am very well versed at it. But I kinda like it. Among the things that I really appreciate is solitude.

Hmm.. I don't really like to be called 'a people person'.

Oh God.. It's just so empty.

It's just me, the TV and my laptop in front of me..

Maybe I should update my wedding page.

Oh yeah, to friends who have gotten my invitation card, please tell me okay. And yes, save the date!

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