Saturday, April 3, 2010

A post-wedding note

Writing with a different status now. I'm a wife! 

Well, I don't really know what to say actually. Just that I wanna express my thanks to families and friends who came and celebrated the wedding together. Personally, I really enjoyed all the three events; Nikah, Reception and Bertandang; and I hope all guests who came had a great time as well, if not, great dining :)

If friends were to ask me which of the three I loved the most, I would say the solemnization day was the most memorable and hmm.. I don't know how to say, it's kinda hard to put into words, but it was an amazing day for me definitely.

So, here are some of my fave moments of the 3 days :) (Official photos are not out yet. More pics in FB of course. Credits to Auntie Ju & Uncle Shahrin)

Getting ready for solemnization. I was fixing my stockings :)

After solemnization ceremony. Mr. Husband fitted the ring to my finger :)

Mr. Husband pitied my sweaty face, he brought along some facial tissues in his hand!

 At the dais during the reception @ Seri Selangor Golf Club

Making entrance during reception @ Putrajaya

We already came back from our trip to Bali. It was a great vacation (and great dining too! I must have put on some weight I guess..) All pics are still in the camera and I haven't the time to upload them yet)

To my friends and family members whom I missed during the reception, I am utterly sorry for not being able to meet every one who came. But I am definitely happy that you guys were there :) thanks for coming.
C R E D I T S  T O:
Mak Abah
Ain, Aishah, Ozal
Uncle Mansor, Auntie Lin & family
Auntie Rahmah
Auntie Rokiah Ramlan
Uncle Osman & Auntie Che Yah
Pakcik Hashim
Auntie Ju
Auntie Ain
Mona Shamili
Mak & Ayah
Along, Fiqah & Ain 


syuk said...

congrats kak pah!

mama danial and eva said...

congrats ira :) hope u will enjoy married life

Lady RoRa said...

thanks guys :)