Thursday, May 6, 2010

Blabs in May

  • I am back with my long lost interest: Novel reading! Yay :) am reading Eclipse (okay, it's definitely NOT because of Edward Cullen, no no) It's actually because of Kristen Stewart I think. Her acting, I mean. Don't really fancy the way she did it in the previous two movies. But I definitely can't wait for Eclipse to appear in the theaters this June! Hopefully she would show more passion on her face for Edward (c'mon girl.. I need to see the LOVE on your face! If not, I can't trust your feelings towards Edward since Jacob pun you layan gak!). I will have to complete reading the book by then.

Hmm.. I guess I'm not really his fan because I dislike his role in Harry Potter & the Goblet of Fire. Sorry Robert.
  • Since I'm alternating between Sg Buloh and Kajang every week, it seems that most of my stuff are redundant right now. Face cream, deodorant, shoes, facial scrub..Since I usually missed them out in my list-to-bring, I have them all to be more than two. Really cluttering up my dressing cupboard. I guess what I really need in extra quantity is workblouse!
  • Husband and I are going for a short vacation this weekend (aptly mentioned as 2nd honeymoon =D)  before he leaves for his overseas assignment for a few months. I am not really in the mood to pack things right now, thanks to the when-will-it-end cold.. It had me awake for a few nights already. Sigh..
Where will our next stop be?
  • There is a huge possibility that I will be joining my husband for a couple of months during his overseas assignment period. That means I might be spending raya there. Well, the not-so-nice part is that I can no longer help my mom in the kitchen like I always do on every malam raya. The good part is, both of us will have to spend raya on our own! No squabbling over whose place that we will beraya at, yeahh! Fair and square (though in our implied understanding, it has been finalized whose place it is.. =\) Tapi for the coming years.. terpaksa la beralah bila perlu.
  • Since I am mostly not at home (read: Sg Buloh) nowadays, I am trying hard to recall all the advice & nags I got from my mom and maktok. Yerp, they were absolutely true in most of the things they say (besides that I might marry an old man if I keep singing in the kitchen! I kept singing cuz I was so hopeful that it would be Norman KRU, haha) Hopefully I will be a great wife (read: great, not good ya. To be a good wife has a different meaning (doormat?)) and a great mom one day as well. Let's pray for little toddlers to come our way soon :)
 It's kinda cool to be like Marge.. minus being a housewife. But I prefer my kids to spend their time like Phineas and Ferb do!
  • Hm, did I ever mention I rarely buy shoes and handbags? Well, that statement is currently not really applicable. I have two unused handbags, not knowing when and where I will use them. And oh, I have three unused, very pretty stilettos. One pair is wine red, one brown and the other pair is silver. Any upcoming wedding I could dress up for? Sometimes, I guess I just wanna own the shoes for the sake of having them in my possession, not really because I wanna wear them. Duhh. From whom did I learn to do this!
  • The nikah video plus the official photos from my solemnization and wedding reception are not out yet (some of my aunties are already asking for the photos! Arrghh..) I guess if you guys have difficulty viewing the photos tagged from my uncle and aunty's FB albums, I suppose it's due to their privacy setting. Can't do much about it, so please wait for the pics as patient as I am :)
  • Oh yes, can mineral water bottles be recycled? Do we in Malaysia have the facility to do so? If yes, where? I've checked KPKT's website and found not much of info on recycling. I have a pile of mineral water bottles that I keep here behind me at my cubicle. My friends have also been 'generous' enough to place their empty plastic bottles here. So much in helping me achieve this year's resolution - to GO GREEN!
  • Ah, UTP Alumni AGM will be held on May 15th, Impiana Hotel. Our dear Rector will join us, so I've been told :)

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