Monday, July 12, 2010

The 100th post

Usually I like to pick certain dates to update my blog. But for now, that is not the case I guess.

Fairuz is away for exactly a month now, and I'll be joining him in 41 days. Well, I'm not really counting the days to be away from the office for a couple of months; I'm actually thinking how many optimized hours can I spend on work in these 41 days? I dunno. Like always, it depends. Friends told me that I should be excited about it. But hm, I can't feel it yet. I wonder why.. Perhaps cuz the travel's gonna be in the month of Ramadhan, and that fasting in GMT +1 hour could be a really long one to endure.

Since I am practically living a single life for the time being, I have become more.. hm, lazy? Yes I am adapting to the word lazy. Lazy to iron my clothes (and for that I choose to wear the Syrian scarves cuz they don't need to be ironed), lazy to cook, lazy to eat, lazy to blog. Just so lazy! And you know what, I am beginning to get used to it (oh no..) The last time I had time to learn being lazy was the 4 months after SPM, before I went to UM and UTP soon after.

Thank God I still find the office as a place to unwind, albeit the exasperation we all had for the new guy on the block. He really owes me an explanation.

The only thing I'm in for is downloading movies. I go for drama and love genres. I just watched Remember Me (Robert Pattinson was brilliant in the movie), Dear John (my fave!), The Princess and the Frog (I like Tiana.. so strong-willed! :D) and He's Just Not That Into You (pitiful story, and I hate that Gigi.. Oh well, at least girls could learn a thing or two about guys. Oh yeah, served you right Scarlet :)) I want to watch Eclipse so badly that I hope I can make time to watch it one of these weekdays. I'll see how..

Oh yeah, and you know what? I'm also so in the mood to shop. But I shouldn't, after accidentally splurging for my new pair of specs. Maybe I should reserve all the fund for shopping for my time over there. Hopefully I'll get a good bargain for a long coat just like Blair's :) totally love it.

And oh, I recently discovered another type of people that I have never encountered my entire life before, and I must say I don't quite like it: People who ask too much without guilt from their folks. It may be fine if the parents can really afford it, but too bad if they can't. Worse if the parents can never tell it to their children, but tell it to someone else instead. And too bad if that someone else is ME! Oh well, God knows when I will seek justice for the parents.. sigh. I dunno, kids nowadays want to be looked at as cool, and cool means having light-but-powerful laptops, iPhone, iPod (and whatever 'i's they can get!), Sony Cybershot camera, fancy skirts, 3-inch gladiator heels, etc. And all they do is ask their folks to buy for them. Whatever. I am glad I was born in the 80s. Most cool gadgets weren't born yet even when I was in my junior years in the varsity (but 3310 was considered cool back then!) if not, do you think I'll beg my parents to get them for me? Still, I won't.

Hey, the 100th post is supposed to be fun to read isn't it? What did I just write..? Crap.

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