Friday, August 13, 2010

Ustazah said..

Ramadhan is here again. I am so thankful that I am given another chance to experience Ramadhan again. And I hope I will use this given chance to improve myself spiritually; to seek forgiveness and blessings from Allah, and to improve my relationship with others. Insya-Allah.

Today was a great day at MISC prayer room. We received a visit from an ustazah. Well, it's not everyday that we, the jemaah, get to listen to 'ceramah' by ustazah. Can't really recall her name, but she was as pretty as Heliza. Soft spoken. A wife of a doctor and a mother of a nine-month old baby and has written a number of religious books alongside notable ulama' and motivators. She's undergoing her Ph.D currently (which made me think, where am I?)

What gained our attention was her topic of the day: Wanita (Women). There were quite a few important topics that she was able to cover within the given one hour: The story of Maryam (one of the four women mentioned in Al-Quran), favorite Islamic issues that anti-Muslims like to create confusion about... and there were few other.. which the one that caught the most attention was polygamy. But trust me, her arguments were clear and concise, and somehow helped the jemaah to understand better.

(Siapa rajin, baca la terjemahan + tafsir surah An-Nisa. I quickly referred to the translation of the verse as soon as we ended the session.. and got my understanding better..)

Before she ended the ceramah, she left us with a quote. It went straight to my brain and heart.

"Sebenarnya bukan perempuan bertudung yang patut dilihat ketinggalan zaman.. sebenarnya perempuan yang tidak bertudunglah yang sebenarnya ketinggalan zaman..... kenapa? kerana itu amalan orang jahiliyyah.. yang suka melanggar perintah Allah.."

The audience paused in a brief silence. I froze. I never thought like that before. Suddenly a few faces came to my thoughts..

.. Sekadar perkongsian di bulan Ramadhan.. moga tiada yang terasa.. wallahualam..

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[YeOp] said...

uuuu.. mendalam tu.. hehe~ bleh jadi quote of the day tu ;)