Saturday, March 12, 2011

Episod perut buncit

I'm writing this to fulfill my promise to Ziad: to write something on my experience so far in this almost 7 months' journey.

Right now, if I were to line up my friends: Ziad, Zamila, Caah, Diyana, Kak Nedd and Kak Wahida, I'll be 4th in waiting to rock the delivery room (haha). How macho (read: calm) can I get being in the delivery room? Well, if it's not my usual macho moment, being more macho than average ladies would be satisfactory already (tapi time sakit nanti apa pun dah takleh fikir kot!)

Hmm.. perut saya tak selonjong ini..

What do I feel right now? Hmm.. I dunno. Can't exactly put my feelings into accurate words. There's a bit of being excited, worried, scared, and then worried again.. totally mixed. Hubby's still not back yet. I guess that is the normal destiny for most wives in GTS. Seeing my friends being okay despite their husbands' absence makes me feel that I'm not alone.

This afternoon, I just had my 3rd checkup at Pantai Hospital Kuala Lumpur. I really look forward to meeting the doctor and asking her tonnes of questions about the baby. So far, the doctor and her nurse are terrific. My doctor is very soft spoken, never fails to give me assuring answers about the uncertainties I have, though every check up means I will have to wait for my turn at least 2 hours, no matter how early I arrive. Oh yes, I am very patient in waiting for my turn. Unlike waiting for Ain after work. 5 minutes late and all the words are already in my head.

Mood-wise, I would say that I am getting to be more 'telinga nipis' than usual. So, if you don't have good or important things to share with me, better shut up and stay away.

Food-wise, I prefer the non-spicy ones. So the easiest choices would be tuna or egg sandwiches, nasi ayam, milk, soy drinks, oats and bread. But you know, it's hard to be choosy when there's not so much of choice to eat, especially around Dayabumi and Central Market area, where mamak food rules. Boring gila hari-hari makan thosai or fried meehoon. Wanna eat pancake? I will have to wait till weekends for that of course.

Oh, I avoid fast food too. Sounds really yucky to me.

For the record, I really like sweet things presently. There was once, I spent nearly 1.5 hours on the road (I wasn't aware that Le Tour de Langkawi arrived in Shah Alam that day, so the traffic was damn terrible) to get from home to SACC Mall to buy Big Apple doughnuts. Central Market's Secret Recipe is a regular lunch place now (seriously I am starting to feel economically burdened by this appetite for sweet stuff!) So to ensure that I eat healthily, I channel the sweet cravings to taking raisins daily. That somehow curbed my appetite for cakes and chocolates.

Nevertheless, I am proud (should I feel proud anyway??) that my weight hasn't really gone up the scale. To date, my weight has increased about 7.5 kilos. Today's checkup showed that my baby is already 1 kilo. But I am a bit concerned if the not-so-significant weight increase may mean that my milk production isn't going to be as much as I want. But yeah, there's always certain food that I can take to grow the milk production. So I suppose I shouldn't be worried that much.

I still take the LRT now and then to commute to work. The worst part is, no man who sits at the 'Aren't We Courteous?' area will ever get up and offer his seat to a pregnant lady like me. And every time that I see a young man sitting at that area, all the curse words in my head, I dedicate to him. Trust me, a LOT of curse words. Tinggal tak cakap aje.

But thanks to Asri for lending his City parking card, I can now save on parking when I feel like driving to work. Well, that is until he is back in KL anyway.

I guess I'll continue later. Talking too much about this, I'm afraid it might give signals that I am more thinking about my pregnancy than my work. Well, that's not true. If random readers were to think that way, they're wrong.

Well, people tend to judge when they don't know you.. that's what I think la..

To my baby, stay in there well okay. Mommy will try her best to eat nutritious food for you :) Mommy just ate her oats. Hope you liked it :)

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chicA said...

didn't know you are pregnant. congrats ira. chaiyok2 lagi 2 bulan. hehehe