Thursday, January 17, 2013

Japan: I'm lovin' it!

Hi, happy 2013 everyone!

Japan is my mom's most frequently-visited country during her tenure with the ministry that she worked with many years back. Many good stories about Japan that my siblings and I heard from her; the cleanliness, the culture, the manners, etc. Being in Japan now feels like I am actually witnessing what mom narrated. And yep, I must say, I still can't find anything that makes me dislike Japan. Or simply, I love Japan!

(But of course, I still miss KL though.. hari-hari baca Beautifulnara and Malaysiakini dan berwhatsapp with my officemates, haha! Bengong..)

One of the things I like to do when I'm out to travel is observing the city's men and women. They like to dress up everyday wherever they go. Be it to the office (very contrary to us working in Dayabumi! haha), to the cafe, to meet up with friends (I know la sebab it's really nice to lepak at cafes here in Yokohama). In this cold season of winter, people here dress up in their smart (and not to mention, expensive looking!) coats and jackets, ladies complete with tights, high leather boots and designer handbags. Oh, did I mention that ladies here love LV? Yeah, they love LV until LV Neverfull Tote becomes a common eyesight everywhere I go. Ok ok, yeah I know LV Neverfull is not that expensive compared to other LV handbag models. But I'm not saying they only wear Neverfull. Spesis LV that I have not seen yet (but memang cantik gila!) are carried around too. And there are some who don Hermes leather bag too! Ok la, I haven't seen anyone showing off their Birkin bag yet, but hey, Hermes is expensive! Way more than LV I think.

Coach? Like everybody has a Coach bag here in Yokohama. Seriously. So macam tak payah bangga sangat la if you bring your Coach bag here.

But the bags prices are not cheap here in Japan you see. They cost like four times the price you can get in Malaysia. But since nearly everyone wears designer handbags, you can't help but to follow the trend.

So, in short, I think Japanese men and ladies invest a lot in taking care of their appearance. 
This lady in LV Neverfull Monogram. I prefer Damier Ebene better (wahh, kalau la boleh jawab soalan ACD macam ni punya hafal, sure lagi naik pangkat. Isk!)

Due to the fact that they are conscious about their appearances, that would mean they shop a lot! Yes, from what I see, no matter how many shopping malls there are, they will be swarmed by customers, even on off-sale time (kalau sale apatah lagi kan!) Well, pictures speak a thousand words, don't they?

This was during New Year's sale. Huge crowds swarmed the shopping complexes in Yokohama.  Depan tu lagi ramai.

Haha, Zara and I did our shopping as well! Sogo here is not like Sogo in Jalan TAR ok. This Sogo sells stuff like Suria KLCC does. But no matter which shopping mall I go, be it high end or not, the salesperson will always welcome you with a smile and a very courteous way of saying "Welcome". Bukan macam those in Suria KLCC! Selalu sakit hati with the gestures of Isetan salespeople. 

.. And I got myself this! Besides another Furla and a Longchamp :D

Of course, Japan will well known for their cleanliness. And it is NOT a myth. Addition to them being clean, is that they innovate to make life easier for their people. Take for example, the toilet control:

The toilet in my hotel room. Look at the controls they install. Free odor, warm seat (cool, huh), bidet water pressure. Memang innovative! The toilets at the office even have this gadget to give the sound of flushing if you don't want people hear you do your 'business'. Uber cool. Well, guess I'll miss this when I'm back in KL. Arghh.

Another things that I like about the Japanese, is that they like to bring their kids out. There are plenty of good places for family outings (the parks, the zoos, the museums, etc.) and even in this cold weather, they still enjoy the company of their children. Yep, moms here breastfeed alright, and it's hard to find moms who are flabby! Most I've seen have slender legs, very slim figure. Is it because of their diet, or is it because of their confinement discipline? I don't know, but I take it a s a good example for me to follow, haha.

In Disneyland Tokyo. Look behind me - strollers and kids and parents. They love going for outings.

What about the food? Well, not really a problem for a Muslim like me. But that will be another long post to write about. Well, I have to end here. Zara's about to wake up anytime soon. Better get ready before she starts crying looking for me.

Til another post~ Nytes :)

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