Wednesday, October 15, 2014

My preliminary perspectives of Dubai

Hye uolls. How is life treating you? Mine not so bad. Not so hectic either. Only feels hectic when both kids are crying at the same time, lol. Oh well, life goes on. Nothing is too big to be worried about every day, isn't it?

It has been 2 and a half months here in Dubai. Weather's getting better. It's a lot less hotter than it was when I arrived in August. Every friends here are eager for winter to come. Me? I dunno what to expect. Just play along and see what's so nice and fun about Dubai in the cooler temperatures. I haven't loved Dubai so far. It's a city of modernization and money in short. It's a city of modern-day caste too, but nobody seems be bothered with it. For me, to rank Dubai out from experience, it would fall below London, Reading and Yokohama for sure. It's not a city for people who appreciate history (like me) or origins of stories (like me) But I have not missed Malaysia that much either (except for the families and my friends back home though).

So what have I been up to in Dubai this coupla months? Well, I made new friends here. I guess it's more fun listing them down. I'll list those whom I more familiar with (cuz the ladies group here is quite a crowd!)

She's my neighbor, living at the apartment in front of ours. She's an electrical engineer with an Ir title. Now she's on unpaid leave, and I suppose her hobbies now are cooking, baking and sewing, haha. She cooks A LOT! A mother of 3 cute kids.

She lives a few floors below mine. Ex SLB engineer who ventured into children development, which explains her love for teaching. She usually leads the playdate for our kids (since she has all the good ideas!) and she has the talent of sewing. One thing I admire her for is the way she likes to remind us of Allah. And she always says Alhamdulillah, Subhanallah, Masha Allah.. very good practice to keep praising Allah. A mom of 3 too! Currently pregnant.

The guru for sewing! Haha. She likes to don her daughter Maira in her self-tailored skirts. Really cute cuz they have this bohemian style look. Sal is very keen to learn sewing from Nadia and Aisyah that I feel drawn too! Lol. Also pregnant with her 4th child. She lives in the apartment across the road.

Kak Zaida
This lady loves cooking too! And she doesn't cook simple stuff okay. Nasi kerabu, laksa johor.. huh you name it. She lives near the beach so it's kinda fun going to her house, haha. A mom of 3.

A new member of our playdate group. An ex staff of Petronas, has already been here like 3 years. So when I meet a Petronas counterpart, it's easier to connect kann.. haha. 

Well I definitely have a lot to learn from my new friends. It's good to have friends who can be role models to me.

Zara and Fahim are doing good here. Healthy with good appetite and improved social skills. Zara is learning many new things here, thank you to the outings and playdates. Fahim, well, he's learning to walk now.. and I just started to give him solids on a daily basis. Yep, 10 months of exclusive breastfeeding.. woohoo.

So how's being a stay at home mom feel like? Haha. Well, it feels like I am on a loonnggg leave. I was usually not in the office pun kan (Group Travel Selalu kan hehe) so it doesn't really feel weird. Only that I don't do my KLCC outing alone anymore la tu je, haha. I don't really miss Bangi. It's a lot less stressful here. But time sure does fly realllyyy fast in Dubai.

Okay, I got to go. Blogging on a frequent basis still doesn't look feasible to me as yet. Not that I have lost the passion for writing, but most of the time, things are quite complicated to explain here on a blog. Furthermore, there is Instagram that is so easy for me to update my newest up-tos. Well, I am always on Instagram, FYI :D

Hello from Zara and Fahim :D Our new home in Dubai

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