Thursday, February 7, 2008

My thought for the day

I am undergoing my induction right now. Describe it in a few words? I am happy to say, it is FUN.

Bet, jangan comment about this tau~

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In my previous blog, I wrote a post about this one Chinese song that I really like. Ling by Alan Kuo. It was a theme song from the serial drama 'Mars', with Vic Zhou and Barbie Hsu being the lead actors.

The story was about two lovers (yeah, typical..) who fell in love when they realized that they need each other to survive their life. Ling (played by Vic) was a hottie in school. His friends, especially the girls, viewed him as confident and a cool guy. He was a motorbike racer after he left school. Even his dad could not stop him from being one, although he didn't agree to his son's decision. But, nobody knew Ling had a nightmare of childhood. His mom was a psycho, thinking that the husband no longer loved her, and his twin brother committed suicide due to the fact that he couldn't endure the pain after their mom killed herself. Qi Luo (acted by Barbie) was a girl of high self insecurity. Her step father raped her when she was 16, and since that day onwards, she never trusted men and has no good friend to talk to.

Ling's turnaround happened when Qi Luo was seen often being bullied by the girls, especially Ling's fans, due to a few times had Ling saved Qi Luo from nasty pranks and threats. He became a mighty person in ensuring Qi Luo's safety, shoving off the bad acquaintances and also her stepfather. Qi Luo depended on him eversince..

Ok2.. it's not that I'm gonna narrate this story until the end, hehe.. It's just that what I realized from the story and from one of the activities in the induction, is that, no matter how weak one thinks one is, or even if one feels that one is not strong enough, one will always have the conscience to help others, despite their own limitations.

I think I find joy in helping others. I think I'm reliable. I feel that I can protect. Even though there are times when I feel I am not that strong enough.

Thinking about it made me drew the relation between me and Ling (hmm.. how thoughtful it is.. :P) I can be vulnerable, and the fact that I am powerless when I'm vulnerable has never stopped me from being defensive of those I feel should be defended.

And.. with that thought, I came to this conclusion: There is always strength even though we feel weakness is overwhelming us.

What do you think? =)

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desh said...

Sometimes we may feel weak because our life sucks up big time. Then suddenly we heard stories about others unfortunate bloke who's life SUCKS MORE than us.
Then we will compare our problem with his problem just to realize that our problem is just a "BABY problem" compared to his.
Then we will feel much better, fortunate and great. Make us go back on track.

Others suffering can be a good motivator right? To help them (for some of us).
Or in my case it is just a reason NOT to feel like crap when things go south.. hehe..

"Dream catch me when I fall
Or else I won't come back at all"