Saturday, February 2, 2008

A lil bit of work and the satisfying Juara Lagu~

Hah, ok2.. don't get me wrong. It's not being in HR that makes me bored. I guess the change of ambiance made it feel weird. That's all Bet =D Oh well, nevertheless I AM thinking of the next move after HR. When will or where to.. that will be something I would not wanna share as yet..

Okay. Let me tell you what is it with the weird feeling. 1stly, if I wanna say something, I won't take a detour sentence just to get the listener feel good. I'll just go straight to the point. Being here presently changes all that. My recent visit to Labuan was a good experience as an exposure to my new field and a new way of communicating with the staffs. I met Zhafri there, and he told me, " You guys from HR are well-trained to speak," and true enough, our visit acclaimed good response from the employees there and also from our boss. Maybe I didn't realize it, but I think I'm coping well in assisting my friends with HR stuff, which makes me feel good at times. At times. Maybe I'm just so scared that I won't be as good as they would expect me to be.

Right now, I'm observing more than I have ever done before. Cuz right now, superior performance means money okay! And yeah Bet, I couldn't agree with you more, the Company holds incomparable opportunities for the employees to grow, whether it is for work improvement or self development. I could see that very clearly. And I hope I'll be patient enough.

Alright. Work affairs aside. Let's talk about the most interesting topic (for me!) last weekend.

Juara Lagu 2007. What else. Watched it from the beginning, with high hopes that Siti won't bag any prize. Pardon me for having that kind of feeling. Just couldn't help it.

1st comment, it was so liberating that Siti didn't win. Oh yes.. it felt great! I don't mind if anybody is gonna call me a bad girl by saying that. I just want her to feel how it is like to lose. Nevertheless, her performance was a great one. No doubt. Fast moves with well-sung keys. But it is sad to witness her dancing and thumping on the stage after performing her pilgrimage. Not good.. not good.

2nd comment, I think the stars being born from reality TV shows have their own distinctive voice and stage quality to offer. Jac, Sahri, Bob, Fiq, Rich, Fazli Zainal, Mawi (being the contestants) and Nikki and The Lima (as guest performers) captured the audiences' attention very well. I guess AF doesn't produce singers of less quality compared to Malaysian Idol. They all have their own talents to offer (am I too exaggerating here? Haha!)

Ok2.. I wanted Jac and Lah to win, cuz I love the song and I think Lah and Jac's vocal prowess combination was the best for the night. But having Estranged as the winner was even better, it was like the entertainment industry is giving path for fresh songs and new groups to develop their talents.

3rd comment. I have never been a fan of Mawi, but watching his performance that night made me feel that he does have his own magic. Haha~ still.. I'm not a fan. It's just that I felt entertained when I watched him sang. It was also good that he bagged the 'Best Performance' award. I thought the Dato' cum Datin Seri would win it.

Final comment, the MCs did a great job, besides wearing splendidly designed apparels, hehe =)

Anyway, congratulations to all the reality TV stars. As much as I love to sing, I love to watch new talents grow. And congrats too to Juara Lagu production team, they managed to bring out the magical feel in this Juara Lagu episode.

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azamil said...

well, the transition between wearing engineer hat for 5 years to people management hat is not that easy. :)

but then.. ah.. (hehehe)

on the other note:
1) i am soooo not gonna talk to u, especially when u r bashing siti nurhaliza! (-_-)

2) am glad u found that at last. the mawi magic. am not saying that i'm a big fan of his, but i must state the point that he is different. like estranged, they offer something new to the industry.