Sunday, April 13, 2008

Love perhaps?

On my laptop, my all-time fave love song: Seperti Kekasihku by the great indonesian band, Padi is playing. Great song. Makes me recall the time I had in the campus. Kinda miss those times.. sigh.

I was listening to Dewa's Risalah Cinta before that, and this line caught my hearing.. "Aku bisa membuatmu jatuh cinta kepadaku, meski kau tak cinta kepadaku, beri sedikit waktu, biar cinta datang.." yeah, it is not impossible to make someone fall for you.. and if you keep on trying, you'll never know that luck is getting on your side..

Lately, I was pulled into a few not-so-good stories of my friends' love life. I felt sorry for them.. Yeah, I couldn't imagine if I were to be in their shoes.. I may come to the extent of not being able to work either. But thank God, those rough times are gone. Hmm.. Cinta.. certainly a big influence in people's daily lives kan?

Alike most things that has to be started with some kind of endeavor, love also needs it. It's no use saying 'I LOVE YOU' without showing that you really love. I always believe that the song 'More Than Words' leaves something for lovers to think about, although most of the time, if I am interested in someone, I will just act like what is sung in the lines before the chorus in Ryan Cabrera's 'True'. Haha, yeah, can say I'm a scaredy-cat, or perhaps I'm not that confident enough to confess.. or I just think that confessing is definitely not a girl's job. Hmm.. I'll take the third option. Okay2, call me conservative :P Oh well, I'm just not this expressive lover.. I can be nevertheless, but I don't want to, as yet.

There is this really cute colleague of mine, aged 32. She's still single. Well, being single in MITCO in your 30s is not seen as something weird I guess. Nevertheless, that's not an option for me anyway. I often wonder why is it that she stays single; and my take was 'perhaps to her it is uncool to settle down'. Yeah, assumptions.. it is always not suggestible to ASSUME. So last Thursday, on our way back from Kuantan, we had a chat. I asked her, what does she want when she was of my age. Surprisingly, she said 'I wanted to get married and start a nice family when I was young like you. As I grew older, and I met more people, it got tougher to choose someone good for me'. Okay, my drive to ask her more questions declined, because now I know it is not weird to think about settling down at this age. I'm normal, pheww~ =)

While a few of my close acquaintances are getting betrothed and hitched, some are still in search of their own soul mate, while some of us have a few options of suitors (whoa~ lucky!). We talked about this quite frequently when we meet. I think cuz we are not gonna stay in 'early 20s' in a year or two, and that finding someone who suits you gets harder each day.. the seeking just has to be a bit swifter and more vigorous.. even our parents are getting worried of our unmarried status, uncannily more than we ourselves do.

Right now, in the journey to become a matured adult, I guess there is no harm in making choices. Afterall, the one who is gonna live with the choices is us, why would anyone bother? Debates come in when there are different opinions in making choices and decisions. The benefactor of the decision should have the most concern and the most say when choosing an option.

What I feel about love today, is that LOVE needs constant care. The one that you love the most and loves you most is the one who smiles as easily as bleeding because of you.

My 2-cents worth.


Ainul Hafiz said...

I recon this as one of your best posts!

But in love, why do rough times happen? When sometimes you do think that it shouldnt have been there.

So it's true as Yasmin Ahmad's Gubra tagline: "why do we hurt the most, the people we love the most"

and I wonder why...unintentionally we do.

Sharifah Zahira Syed Iedin said...

I think that can be answered using KRU's 'Perpisahan Terasing'

"...kerana kehendaknya tak dituruti"

Personal view, it is too too easy to hurt a loved one.

Say, your girlfriend loves to hang out with her friends cuz she feels that they listen to her better, but u told her u wanted to be there to listen and help, so that u can spend more time with her. But when she tells u her probs and u try to solve it using YOUR way, where she doesn't fit, she may be a lil hurt cuz she may say u dont understand her. U too, may be hurt by her respond towards ur problem solving, which u think u have done for her.

A simple scene.. yet resulted to two incised hearts..

I dunno.. love's like that..

Azrin said...

Ira, must admit..this is a really nice post!


May love finds us all then.. :)

desh said...

Ira, Cool.
That is so true.
Girl should ask her best girlfriend for opinion first before asking their boyfriend.
Put the boyfriend's name on the last list of girlfriends.

Guys, guys.
Girls sometimes don't want their problems to be fixed, they just want to be listen.

I know it hurts for a MAN to see a problem's not fixed with a simple solution but let it be.
DO NOT DISTURB the MotherNature's law.
Let the girls do their thing, hang out with girlfriends and shopping together and tell their stories. Please use the full leverage of it.
If they want a solution, they will ask man.

Remember. Before engaging into a conversation with your wife, ask this question first.
"Darling, do you want me to just listen or you want a solution?"
But, you can only ask this question if you are already married. Haha. It's easier that way.

Sharifah Zahira Syed Iedin said...

Hey, thanks Azrin.. if what I wrote is commendable, then it might be of help.. tul tak~~

En. Dayat, if only men knew what u already knew.. unfortunately, too few do..

but believe me en. Dayat, i can say most girls dislike to take it from the guys, especially those with big heads.. sadly, big headed guys won't take girls' rejection to their solution..

contrast2.. what to do.. -_-

desh said...

Go spread the truth.