Saturday, April 5, 2008

The Cs in a Girl's World

As beautiful as the blooming petals of a rose
as graceful when she tips on her toes..
As sweet as the scent of the white lily
with smiles on her face, contagiously merry..

(hmm.. suddenly I am imagining Aurora from the animation 'Sleeping Beauty'..)

How many Cs can I associate with a girl..? Hmm.. banyak!!

Antaranya ialah:
Cash (hmm, I guess this includes how much is in the bank account too.. adeh)
Credit cards (would be better if it's gold, or even better, platinum!)
Cars (continental cars would be more lucrative~)
Club membership

This list didn't come from me okay! I got it from a girlfriend who talked about how expensive can it be to get a girl.. and all the Cs listed above are must-haves for guys in order to get a girlfriend. Is it true? I dunno.. I just think if everything were to be measured with money and material things, then honesty, integrity, dignity and self worth can all be bought with bank notes. Well, it is up to us on what our choice is, isn't it?

For me, I'll do the math easier. What are my most-loved Cs?
Chocolates, caramel, cookies, cakes, cars (strikethrough for not having it yet), comfort, cards (always the best gift when the wordings touch the heart), cartoons.. hmm, and oh yeah, compact powder! Always does the trick.

(Err.. do I sound modest here? Hehe.. perasan~)

Hmm, I just discovered the new Cs I have to look out for. Especially in these few coming months where the 'in-thing' in my circle of friends is to get betrothed, or to get married.

They say that diamonds are girls' best friend. Well, I would agree. I can usually see the shine in my girl friends' eyes every time we look through the display glass outside a jewellery outlet. Haha.. and guys would say, 'Girls, normal lah..'

There are five Cs to be concerned about when choosing diamonds: Carat, Color, Clarity, Cut, and Cost.

I just learnt about it while browsing the Net a few hours ago.

So okay. Those add to my Cs list I guess, haha =) It's not a sin, especially with guys, is it?


desh said...

Hello Ira.

Everything has a price.
Sometimes the price is measured in (1) money (2) time (3) effort (d) etc
When a man picks a woman using the first method, money or wealth I can guarantee man will get the most beautiful, sexiest, attractive woman, man ever dream of. Refer to Intolerable Cruelty (2003). The only problem is, if man commits a relationship base on money, when the situation turns from HAVE money to NO MONEY, like a business failure, the relationship will fall like the house of cards. It is the price to pay.

I do not say that I discourage the method here, I am just saying that everything has its price. And the price above isn't cheap.

Adrian said...

Hey I like your picture here, it's cute.