Friday, September 19, 2008

A perfect mini reunion

It's been twelve years since we left our primary school. But yet, we never forget our childhood days.

Today is my most awaited weekday, and that it has been a while since I had a great Friday night. Thanks guys.

Well, I didn't know that I would be the only girl turning up. I thought Diba or Hazlinda would come along. Thank God Faizah and Nurul were there =)

Standing from left: Edzuan, myself, Arshad
Sitting from left: Zuhairy, Azraai, Kamil, Faizal

Arshad with his girlfriend, Nurul, and Edzuan with his wife Faizah
Me the photographer: We were about to leave the restaurant
TQ Nurul for this pic =) I was dwarfed by Kamil and Azraai.

The idea to break fast together sparked when Hazizi placed our Std 5 picture in his Facebook. Thanks to him for tagging most of us, we came up with the idea to meet up, since it has been really long since we last met.

There were twelve of us initially, including Hariz, his wife Marlina and the 3-month old Hana. But they left early. We didn't manage to take photos with the three of them. But nevermind, Raya's around the corner, we might meet up again.

Well, it's great that most of us are now employed. Faizal (or should I call you Dr. Faizal? hehe) just got back from Russia and will start his housemanship soon. Azraai will be going back to Germany for his final year in Mechatronics. Zuhairy will be a lawyer soon. Kamil just got back from Cardiff, and he's now looking for a job. Edzuan's working tomorrow (takpe, SLB kerja dua hari, cuti dua hari Edzuan..) and Arshad is progressing with his production thingy with RTM. Cool huh..

Thanks for a great fast breaking gathering guys :) I'll upload these pics in Facebook definitely!

P/S: Fadli, Zaki, Zamila and Hazlinda, you missed this!


desh said...

Whoaa.. all your primary school friends have great professional career! Super cool.
Proud to be Malaysian.

desh said...

Hi Ira,
How are you? :)
Sori ya this is off topic.

I was fascinated to a statement from Tun's blog. The fact that:
"Young Malays, including professionals are said to have espoused liberalism and meritocracy. They question the need for affirmative action and the New Economic Policy"

It is a debate here, should or shouldn't the DEB continue.
The answer is simple,
If the market and the politics decide to change it, then let it be. I'll get over it.
But as long as there is a Malay privilege I'm going to use it to the max on my advantage for my generation prosperity. Maybe in the future I will have the power to help other needy people.
But for Malays to question their privilege is like throwing away their free Prosperity Burger lunch from McDonald. If they don't like Prosperity Burger they should give it to other who can appreciate it. And they should not complain to the branch Manager.

I'm glad that my great great grandfather decided to migrate to Tanah Melayu a very long time ago. With the Bumiputera title, we actually have a head start. So use them wisely.

Sharifah Zahira Syed Iedin said...

whoa.. I have a viewer from Berlin.. Azraaikah itu? cepat gila balik.. xsempat raya sama..

Tq En. Dayat =) well, u can say I', very fortunate to have super intelligent frens when I wwas small, if not, I wouldn't be so kiasu like now, haha.

about ur second comment, the funny thing about us the malay is that, when a fella from another race says we shud abolish DEB, then d Malays say "yeah, we need no help, we can stand on our own feet" without realizing who is the major local economy player. I hope we would not destroy own own privilege without realizing where we stand.

desh said...

Kiasu Huh?
Kah Kah Kah.