Thursday, September 4, 2008

Watch your words, boy!

When you think what you say matters the most, that is when you might be prone to making mistakes in conveying it. Due to excitement maybe, that made you too occupied to think about the impact of what you say. Yeah, you just gotta say something, don't you?

When you think that what you say can really reflect your intelligence, especially when commenting a debatable, open ended topic, that is when you will succeed in making yourself appear to be a thoughtless person. Yerp, everyone is entitled to their own opinion, but of course, MINUS unintelligent opinions.

Too many slip-tongue cases happen, especially to our politicians eh.. what a pity.

Example 1 (Cerita lama): Perhaps because the Info Dude felt he was superior to the De-Facto Guy that perhaps he felt because he is one of the current Dudes, that he forgot to strategize the way to rebut the De-Facto Guy's arguments. Couldn't imagine how people bombarded his blog the day after.. with all the shameful words of not proving his credibility. That was indeed a shame..

Example 2: Datuk X must have said it wrongly.. I believe he actually wanted to address the word 'immigrants' as something else. But perhaps, because of the excitement he felt of being broadcasted, and that perhaps was the only chance for him to comment something on the newspaper before God-knows-when he gets to do it again, he used the wrong word. Well, the irony is that, the ones criticizing him are not really the politicians from other races, but mostly, it was done by the Malay politicians.

Tak kasi can langsung kan.. dapat je peluang belasah, belasah cukup-cukup. Sian Datuk X..

To join any political party, especially those that practise money politics, I think, can be analogized like this: You are a billy-goat, inspired to join the big group of tough billy-goats. You just have to be like them, follow them, not taking the lead, lead when requested only.. only then can you be pals with the rest of the group members. If you try to do something different or act smart (or even act stupid for that matter!), you'll be knocked out. As humans, not only it's painful to be kicked out, it's humiliating too! But.. hmm.. politicians ni tau malu ke eh? Entah!

"Datuk Si Polan bin Si Polan is demanded to apologize...." Mainstream newspaper reports politician X as saying.

"I'm sorry, it was not my actual intent.." and the reasons go on and on for the Datuk Polan.

-"Jatuh ego aku.. dem! Haisshh susahnya nak mintak maaf nih.." seraya berkata si Datuk dalam hati.


desh said...

I don't know if we can trust
our government anymore.

Trust the government?


Heck. I'm in the government
and I don't even trust it.

You don't have to believe in your
government to be a good American.

You just have to believe in your country.

desh said...

[out of boredom]
Watch your words, kiddo!

Before you speak, Persian...
...know that in Sparta everyone, even a king's messenger... held accountable for the words of his voice.
Now, what message do you bring?

iQbaL radzuan said...

lol.. into politician now? btw.. nice new layout.. but then.. u looks chubby when u strecth ur face for ur banner..


Sharifah Zahira Syed Iedin said...

well, not really into politician.. can say that I'm more interested in their behaviour.

and u know what, i am waiting, from en. dayat's generation, who is it will step up and be a rep for the younger generation.

i HOPE it's not the SON IN LAW.

desh said...

Khairi is too young, too impatient and too ambitious. It's a BAD combination. Trust me. I've been there.
The generation like us should learn new things, pick up some new skills, starts partying and goofing around. Haha.

At these moment it is better to let the 40's run for Ketua Pemuda.