Thursday, November 27, 2008

Yoga? No thanks.

Well well, now Majlis Fatwa is in the heat again. Yoga is bannned, and as usual, some defiant groups are forever ready with their missiles and bombardings to prove that the newly announced fatwa is not being given full thought.

It's normal to have people opposing to ideas and new things, what more if it is going to be implemented as an enforcement.

Well yeah, some may say "Hey, I have been practising yoga for years, it has not affected my faith in my religion!"

And I will say "Good for you then :)"

As much as people are sensitive about sexism, racism, languages, and of course religions for that matter, but I notice that many Muslims here are the ones who are defiant or wish to appear ignorant of their own religious rulings. Why? Just to appear cool? To look universal? To reflect open-mindedness? I'm not sure. Well, to me, ignorance is never bliss.

Hm, since the parties who opposed the ban of yoga are the ones who usually oppose what is being said by Majlis Fatwa, I suppose they just love to oppose. So I guess the opposing parties can do no harm. Just that they can't keep their mouth shut when it comes to opposing. Mungkin ada excitement atau adrenaline rush dalam hobi membangkang ini.

On my part, I always thought it's a common sense to know that yoga IS some sort of a devotion way of another religion, which is why I have never wanted to practise it, though many said that it brings goodness to one's being. So I guess I just should go on with my skipping routine then.


desh said...

Haha, it is not a big deal.
Someone will eventually rebrand it to some like "aero-y-bic" (TM)
How about that?

History said Bruce Lee created Jeet Kune Do, a martial art which begin with Kung Fu and then rojak with Boxing, Karate, Filipino's Kali and any other martial art that he can find (...or fight).

"Re-branding" is the word.


SleepingBeauty said...

Desh is right :)

The term yoga used in many yoga classes and gyms is a description of a form of physical movements and positions which improves your blood circulations and stretches muscles in the body. Nothing more.(from my experience of attending these classes)

Having said that, the fatwa counsil defined yoga as physical movement along WITH chanting and worshipping.

I personally don't see anything wrong if gyms continue running classes on "physical movements and positions which does improve your blood circulations and stretches muscles in the body" with a different name so it wouldn't be mistaken for "worshipping of another god" or "deviating from the religion".

And not all "yoga" classes are relaxing, some have been mixed with western aerobic movements so its does have a cardiovascular effect for the body, and while you're performing this exercise, the last thing you'll think about is anything to do with any religion cause it's like~ cepat la habiskan this pose, my muscles are painful and my heart's gonna pop out of my body! haha!!

desh said...

Wah! Someone actually agreed with me. I'm flattered and pumped. LOL

I have a new fancy name for the non-blasphemy Yoga. We can call it Yogut. (It sounds like something that are more consumable)

One part in Yogut that I admire is that you can actually control your heart rate. The fact that the higher your heart rate, the slower the time flies.
The metaphor is like skipping a Starbuck coffee, but you can still pump the adrenaline inside the body... whenever you want it or need it.

But beware, by increasing your heart rate to 400bpm you can shoot the wings of a fly ( ...Wanted (2008) )
Or if you are Bruce Banner you don't want to increase it to 200..

Sharifah Zahira Syed Iedin said...

it's actually not difficult to see why the fear of our pious islamic scholars in this matter.

yeah u can rebrand it, but still, the essence is the same. Unless we come up with an entire whole thing or innovation for that matter e.g. tai chi + yoga + pilates + aerobics = God-knows-what-it-will-become, that is a different story.

I trust that the modern yoga is different from the YOGA practiced in the other religion's prayer. But I think, the concern of the islamic scholars is more to "menjauhi perkara2 taghut dan memusykilkan".

and since these people are more well-versed of the religion, i would prefer to follow them =)

but then, sleeping beauty, it's our choice anyway ;)

desh said...

I like it when it is getting hot.
Someone brought out this matter to Majlis Fatwa, and as a keeper/guardian of the rules and regulation of Islam, it is their responsibility to react. This is a huge issue because it is about Tauhid/Akidah and this is not just a debate between Mazhab on Ibadat/Muamalat/Jenayat. They have to put this into top priority. And... It is their job to be paranoid. Do not get me wrong, because paranoid is important, sometimes.

The thing is... there will be some parties who will oppose on this and in the world of check and balance, it may be a good thing if only it is managed with Wisdom.

"I see you have found the Sacred Peach Tree of Heavenly Wisdom.
Is that what this is? Sorry. I was just a regular peach tree." (Teka cerita apa?) :)

If I have a 3 year old son (which I already have), and he is eager to play outside the house. I can't just simply say no, because he will surely hates me. So.. the best thing that I can think of is to put him on the playground where I can monitor him under my sight.