Friday, January 16, 2009

Feliz cumpleaños a mí!

Alright. Yerp. I'm 25 years old today. No biggie. It's just an increase in age. But seriously thank you for the birthday wishes my dear friends. It makes me feel remembered =)

Everytime my birthday arrives, I will always recall the best birthday moments I had before. They were not posh definitely, but were really sweet for the remembrance. There were three events that I remembered the most.

My first birthday party was when I was 4 years old. I had to share the party with Ain. At that time, it didn't really feel that nice to have another sister whom you have to share your big blueberry cake with! But yeah, as the big bully, I got to cut the cake first! (cuz she was shorter than I was.. so she could not stand to the level of the cake, haha). The birthday party was attended by my uncles and aunts and my parents' friends. Yerp, it did fell weird to be surrounded by people of skyscraping height. But oh well, no complaint cuz we enjoyed the birthday gifts. Haha.

The second birthday celebration was even more special. It was my 18th birthday. But since it fell on a weekday, my parents were out to work, so it was kinda not fun to celebrate without them. Suddenly the door bell rang, and three of my great high school buddies, Dzul, Iqbal and Aishah came, bringing along a blackforest cake. I was thrilled of the surprise. They bought me a handmade photoframe, which I still keep to the best condition until today. Then my parents came back with an orange-flavored cake. So there we had, two cakes! And on that very day, I got the first love letter ever in my mailbox. Sadly, it was from a disillusioned junior of my school. Haha.. thank God I never really see him after I left school.

On my 20th birthday, I was not at home. I went back early to UTP to settle some sponsorhip matters for TEC2004. I was accompanied by a few friends who happened to be the committee members. On the night of 16th January, we scheduled a meeting. I was kinda impatient because everyone seemed to be coming late to the meeting. It was already like 10 pm. I was waiting impatiently at the MPP room, when Doi said we were changing rooms because larger turnout was expected that night. So, Doi walked with me to the bigger room opposite the MPP room... when everyone shouted "Surprise!!" I was stunned, and I could not say a word. Everyone pulled me to the cake, and sang happy birthday. I was reaalllyy touched by that. If I can recall who were there.. Doi, Fatin, Wan Anas, Sari, Nina, Bet, Sarip, Anas.. there were more, but I can't exactly remember. That is why TEC2004 fellas will always be close to my heart, although we do not really meet each other now. But I still treasure the great moments we had =)

On this birthday, I wish to be more proactive and positive and to have a healthier body and mind. I wish to be a less critic (though that may seem hard!), to think deeper and to smile even more! =D

Best wishes for me for the future days to come =) All the best Sharifah!

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SleepingBeauty said...

Happy belated birthday :)

May your wishes come true.