Monday, January 19, 2009

Find them in Google Image!

Ok, so Eija aka Ms Apple tagged me (through Facebook, not her blog! Isk..) in her "Tagging Game using Google Images". So here goes nothing..

I am..
Well, She-Ra rhymes with Zahira, hehe. And she's my fave woman superhero. Simply beautiful and strong! And she has a gorgeous unicorn to match.. fuuuhh.. in my dreams la..

I really want to go to..
Spain!! and the surrounding islands.. well, it's not impossible, so I will have it as a target before 30 (^_^)

My fave place..
Tiada lain.. Shah Alam tetap di hati (^_^)

My fave things..

Yerp.. Hugo XX smells so good! and of course I love my ring, hihi..

My fave drink..
Iced Milo.. nothing beats it!

My fave food..
Fuh, ayam goreng.. completes my plate!

My fave colors..
Purple and bronze.. for this time around la..

I live in..
In which Sg Buloh Country Resort is a part of it.

I was born in

Klang, and this is the picture of the old hospital, in which it has been brought down to replace it with the new Klang General Hospital Building.

My college..

Well, my university actually. Universiti Teknologi PETRONAS, like no other.

My fave story..
Amazingly talented casts + amazingly tailored storyline = Voila! And yerp, Blake Lively is Hollywood's current finest damsel, definitely.

My hobbies..

Thinking (I think about lotttssaaa things, til it gets hard to organize up here), blogging, emceeing and singing are my main hobbies!

My wish..

Insya-allah.. (^_^)

Ok, done with pasting the pics. I will now tag Ms Syukra, Mr. Chalk and Cheese, Mr. Zhafri, Little Master Danial and Ms Alya Semot. Sila buat ye.


alya285 said...

terharu nama ku di blogmu ira...

Zsa Zsa said... syukra tuh..kawan ko ke? ke aku ? ke aku perasan? hahaha! ok fine kalo aku perasan pon aku cm nk tau je la kan..huhuhu..

Sharifah Zahira Syed Iedin said...

hehe.. alya2.. =)

ye puan Zsa Zsa.. Syukra ialah anda.. alias mama sarah!

desh said...

Haha. I will let mama danial do the picture tagging if she want to.

(Ehemm.. can you give me something more mind challenging than that) Kidding.... ;p

danial said...

ibu danial pun suka she-ra juga
both she-ra dengan he-man sangat comel

Sharifah Zahira Syed Iedin said...

Ler.. cukup challenging le utk adik Danial fikirkan.. bukan ayahnye.. isk.

desh said...

Haha. Fikiran danial dan fikiran abah dia kan sehaluan. Tak caya tanya Mama Danial. Haha.
I know what he will thinks before he actually do.

desh said...

Aha. Now this discussion is mind challenging.

Most women want their man to be sensitive. They want their men to sense if they are having a slight changing of mood of feelings. While, some women would like their men to read their thoughts.

Woman call it being sensitive.
While... Leonidas and the other 300 blood seeking Spartan called it : the hyper sense of things.
What ever we called it, it is actually the same.

When we spend time with other human being, we gather data from the observation of their behavior and habits. (Unless we totally ignore them in the process) Human behavior is actually easy to predict because it hardly change.

So, spend time with me and I will try my best to understand you. Haha. :p

desh said...

Danial cakap, "Auntie Ira, danial dah buat. tengok ya...."

"Abah yang buat la danial," kata abah.

Sharifah Zahira Syed Iedin said...

Ok En. Dayat, that'll be the topic of another post ok! haha, thanks 4 sparking some ideas =D buntu ni, buntu!

desh said...

Don't worry Ira. My psychic vibe is telling me that right now your mind is preoccupied with something. ;)

Ahmad Zhafri said...

aiyoyo kene tag rupenyer... malasnyer... huhuhu

mangifera said...

zahiera, done with the tag at my blog. :). check it out.

ayam goreng tu nampak super delicious!yummy!

Sharifah Zahira Syed Iedin said...

aha, thanks dueng.. ada jugak org menyahut cabaran yg sgt susah ini, bukan mcm zhafri :P