Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Requiem on her departure

There is much sorrow on her departure..

She wasn't the best grandma I have ever had,
But no one should say she didn't try
She was always there.. in times when we needed a hand..

She was a sturdy old lady..
Walking here and there was her regular routine
Perhaps because of that I always thought she'd be okay
And perhaps, because she said so..

Seeing her lying down on the bed unconscious
with her divided children by her side
was not the kind of sight that anybody would want to see
but then, I can do nothing
except prayed for this torture to not prolong..

she lost the battle..
perhaps that was the best for her
for there was no promised hope
that she could regain her strength like before..

We will miss her
and the prayers gathered
will surmount the sorrow on her departure.


queserasera said...

salam takziah. al Fatihah.

desh said...

Takziah ya Ira.

Ice Rose Princess said...

takziah..semoga rohnya dcucuri rahmat