Tuesday, March 31, 2009

March final update

Hi people..~ (cey.. bajet ramai readers la eh.. haha)

Okay, so now only I have the chance to post something. March had its own mix of fun, sadness, busy-ness, though I was anticipating that this month would be a get-away month for me. Well, He has decided everything for me... and I just have to go through everything with an open mind and an open heart.

I spent the first week of March in Yangon. Yerp, I went there again with Wilson to complete additional work with Carigali Myanmar. This time, my journey was entirely hotel - office only. No shopping like my previous visit there. And also, because I was planning to shop-till-I-drop in Bandung, so I was trying to save more for the trip. And since the hotel already had wireless broadband connection, so staying in room after work was not as boring as the previous visit. Nevertheless, Wilson and I had the opportunity to try local mamak cuisine like roti prata and chicken curry (diorang guna ayam kampung ok. A bit liat la..). Well personally I think the roti tasted fine, I think even better than the mamaks in Shah Alam, but the curry... hmm, let's just say the taste didn't suit my tastebuds.

A day before leaving Yangon, Ain told me that Opah was admitted to the Ipoh General Hospital. I was actually feeling like going back to kampung for that long weekend. Well, that can be called as an irregular feeling cuz I have never driven alone to kampung without Abah and Mak. The end of the story.. you know what happened. But I'm glad Opah departed on a blessed day, 12 Rabiulawal.. Bless her soul.

On the 14th to 17th March, I went to Bandung as planned, with Fatin and her families. It was a great visit: The things I bought (I personally think) were the nicest things I can find for myself and everyone in my list, the Sundanese cuisine were also good, and I must say, the factory outlets there were great. Exquisite blouse designs, gowns and all... not to mention imitation version of branded handbags that looked original.. ah I wished I brought more money to spend. But I had this mindset before coming, to spend only for the things I wanted to look for. And yerp, I got myself what I wanted, with a little bit of overspending, haha. Never in my life have I experienced shopping-till-I-feel-like-fainting. Nope, not even during puasa time.

Apart from going for shopping, we managed to visit historical places like Dago Pakar, where the remains of the caves built by the Dutch and the Japanese located. We only entered the Japanese Cave (Goa Jepang in Indonesian) as we were exhausted upon reaching the Dutch Cave (Goa Belanda in Indonesian). Here are a few pics that were taken during the long walk.

Mak Ngah was explaining something while I was trying to listen closely. Firdaus was constantly checking his phone, if it got any roaming.

Jom masuk gua!

Daus, Fatin, Paklong, Maklong, Makngah, Fifi, myself and Kak La with her baby in front of Goa Jepang.

I couldn't agree more with this signboard. We should have signboards of the same meaning in KL, especially in Central Market area!

Alright, more pics, as usual, are uploaded in Facebook. Tomorrow's 1st April. Don't play pranks on your chums! Oh yeah, happy new financial year PETRONAS!


desh said...

Jangan risau Ira. ramai readers. counter dah 8ribu tu. fuyo.

Warning. Today is the april fool day. So re-check and verity every single task people ask you to do. Haha

desh said...

I guess you must have been to Rumah Mode and Riau.

So Ira.
Chempelas Walkway dah siap 100% tak?

Sharifah Zahira Syed Iedin said...

hehe.. yeah, Ira pergi Rumah Mode. Tp xshopping byk pun kat situ..

Chempelas.. xsempat pergi!!! Uwaaa..~

desh said...

Hi Ira, apa khabar.
:) busy eh?

I like Heritage. You mesti pergi kan? 2 story building, ladies dept kat bawah. men's kat atas.

Rumah Mode ada patung2 mainan Marvel yang murah. (Duh! Budak kecil suka la)

Chempelas pula ala-ala bukit bintang la. Tapi dia takde factory outlet so agak mahal juga barang barang dia. about 20% lebihmurah je dari Malaysia.

Things I like about Bandung are:
Cheap food.
Cheap cinema.
The avocado juice that you can find almost everywhere.
The cilik-cilik and skinny girls. (I found out that most of them only eat 1 roti bun for lunch)

Sharifah Zahira Syed Iedin said...

Ira xde kat KL for the whole month la en. Dayat..

I love Heritage!U know the Cascade bungalow sebelah Heritage tu? Ha situ pun best. the blouses were very2 nice. cant get like that kat non-designers outlet kat malaysia.

Bandung, I love the food. serious! the fruit juices yg Ira try kat sana mmg best. sedap gile. kalah ice blended kat sini.

skinny girls.. ira xnampak la.. tapi cowok2 ganteng Ira nampak la.. hahahaha..

not bad la Bandung. kalau ade duit lebih rasa nak shop lg kat sana.. sigh..

desh said...

Yeah. Bandung is good. People from Jakarta drive all the way just to shop in Bandung every weekends.

That's why I suggested you to bring clothes as minimum as you can and to bring bags as maximum size as you can.
Haha ;)