Monday, April 6, 2009

Post yang tak penting

Sigh. I'm in Kerteh now. To give my exact location, I am at the hotel lobby.. since this is the only place in the hotel where I can have access to the hotel's pay-per-use wireless internet. Meaning.. mandi lambat la malam ni.. adeh. And whenever I'm outstation, small pimples will start to emerge near my eyebrow, and it kinda drove me crazy. I didn't bring my Nixoderm along.. so.. no quick remedy for the pimples for the time being.

Many of my friends are continuing the syndrom of tying-a-knot-when-you're-25 (Adzril & Shida, selamat pengantin baru!), and yeah, I am always excited interviewing those yang dah nak sampai seru. Seriously marriage stuff is the in-thing right now, haha. Marriage stuff as in not only the wedding preparation, but also in preparing ourselves for the marriage journey itself. Cita-cita kami nak menjadi isteri solehah la katakan. Whoa.. are we really adults now or what! Well, yeah, when I'm with my fiancé, I kinda feel a little bit grown-up. But I don't usually feel that when I am at home with my family. The feeling of "we're still mak and abah's babies" is still strong, and yes, my siblings and I still have that bear fight!

Oklah, saja merapu for this post. It's boring staying alone with no one to talk to.. (actually ramai je kat Kerteh ni nak ajak hang out.. tapi, hehe, saya tak suka menyusahkan orang, cewah!)

Sudahnya.. cakap dengan laptop je la ek. Oh ya, happy birthday Ain and Pur!


J@ja said...

babe, serious sgt seronok kawin. the quest of transforming to a isteri solehah is amazing (am not there yet, but working on it)! with the right partner, its just not impossible. one of the married-moments that i cherish so much is solat jemaah. sunnguh bermakna..

haha there goes my sharing! :-)

Sharifah Zahira Syed Iedin said...

well Ja of course I trust u 101%! lom kawen pun mcm dah seronok nak kawen, haha. I AM looking forward to it!

Yes, Ustaz kat kursus kahwin remind suruh selalu solat jemaah dgn suami.. and I trust my dearest that he will be my best Imam, hehe.

Aku akan menyusulmu Jaja =) lagi 11 bulan!

desh said...

Hi Ira,
The transition thingy. I think I know the feelings. Haha.

So what are doing in kerteh? Not BOSET eh?
Okay then, take care of you.