Saturday, October 17, 2009

Adi on AC?

I do think it's about time that I change the banner of this blog. It has gotten outdated I know.. I haven't the time to do so anyway. Will think of something interesting soon.

I guess my energy of going 'beraya' has ended. With Mak being busy (even on weekends!) and Abah whose spirit to go anywhere plunges every time Mak is not around, I suppose staying at home is better.

Talking about staying at home, one of the ways to kill time is of course, watching TV. Yesterday I watched AC?. Not because I am a fan, but because the brilliant kid Adi Putra was on air.

All in all, I should sum the kid as being "outstandingly wow".

Sadly, the one interviewing him, should I say, 'otak ke laut'! Personally I think the program does best in tarnishing the minds of the viewers. Adi is too intelligent to be there. Serious.

The best thing about the interview with Adi Putra was that, he answered all the questions with intelligence in modesty. I absolutely salute his qualities.

One of the questions if I could recall, "Adik, adik kata nak bina satelit dengan formula yang adik buat tu, dah tahu macam mana nak naikkan satelit ke atas?" I am not so sure if this kind of question was being asked to test the boy's credibility, but to me, it was kinda annoying. Lain la kalau yang menanya tu memang pakar fizik ke.. boleh la terima. Oh well, I am not judging the guy who asked. He confessed that he flopped math in school ok. Physics need Math.

But Adi's answer was just simple, "Adi tahu macam mana nak bina luar dan dalaman satelit tu, tapi macam mana nak naikkan, itu Adi belum fikirkan lagi.." In short, he's humble! How many intelligent people could be as humble as that? I don't sound like a fanatic fan, do I? Haha. No, just mesmerized.

The usual question that was popped was regarding Adi's competency in subjects other than Math. Personally, I think he is not just gifted in dealing with numbers. In fact his capacity could be borderless. Who knows. I suppose people would love to know that he's only good at Math, but not in other subjects. Why? The easier for them to criticize. Why? Because they want Adi to appear imperfect, just like them, so that they won't be inferior. Also, people worrying about him not having the 'fun' childhood. Kenapa la nak susah hati sangat kalau Adi ni tak reti main bola pun.. it is his choice. And he did say in the program that he does actually spends time to play. So, no issue la kan..

The worry that national education system is unfit for Adi, I suppose it may be hard for the government to have an avenue for genius kids when they are actually not prepared to have anything implemented. It is not everyday that we encounter child prodigies, and if the education system is not formulated with much thought being put in, it is feared that the kids will not benefit from it. We have yet to figure how can we offer an interesting way of learning for gifted kids. Perhaps Professor X can help? Ok2, stupid joke.

The thing that I am concerned about is, I hope that he will escape the envious hearts around him. Just for precautions, since our society still believes in resorting to you-know-what when it comes to the matter of envy and jealousy and hatred. I hope he will survive all those bad things.

P/S: Dulu agak reluctant nak beri pendapat tentang Adi Putra ni, but kerana bengkek dengan cara AC bertanya soalan yang menyakitkan hati kepada adik yang sangat berakal ni, maka post ini pun ditulis. Nasib baik aku takde kat studio, if not, mahu dah aku sound AC ni.


desh said...

Hi Ira,
Miss Your update~
Jika kita siap2 dah mengaku lembap, sebelum kita tanya soalan lembap, orang akan anggap itu adalah lawak. Bagus jugak taktik tu~

My anomalous brain was just wondering, was he born gifted or he was trained by a gifted mentor.

desh said...

Takde siapa ke yang nak tanya, "How did you do it? How did you manage to have good memory?"

Takut Adi Jawab~
Beethoven, Mozart, they saw the piano, they could just play. I cannot play the piano.
AC tanya, "But you can do Form 5 Add Maths in 1 hour."
Adi jawab, "Right. Well, I mean when it came to stuff like that~ I could always just play.

Pengsan AC dengar...

err~ Good Will Hunting

mama danial and eva said...

desh, i think he is the combination of both the 'algorithm' and 'look up table' method u mentioned. the way he does the math question, it looks like that. though i cannot figure out how.

desh said...

Lookup table. See wikipedia.

Lady RoRa said...

Haha, Kak Zufina, I was thinking about the same thing. Algorithm. Like that curly-haired professor dlm series 'Numbers' tu. He could link all numbers and put them in a single algorithm.

Tapi memandangkan Adi's dad dah cakap pasal ilham2 tu, I kinda rest my case la, though orang logic susah sket nak percaya ilham2 ni..

desh said...

My best bet is his dad bagi dia minum Anmum Essential.

Lady RoRa said...

Haha, I love Anmum Essentials' commercial.

desh said...

Wait... Ilham tu maksudnya "Supernatural" ke atau "Idea"?
I tak tengok la part tu.
Cerita Supernatural tu pun I tak tengok.

Lady RoRa said...

I suppose it's supernatural la en. Dayat.

desh said...

Ira. Supernatural? What did he say?

When it comes to supernatural thingy,
I do believe there are Jin, Syaitan and Iblis.
But I don't believe in ghost.
The only ghosts I believe are from the Twilight and Twilight Saga: New Moon...

I wish to meet a ghost want day . Eeeee~~~ not from Twilight. The real ghost if there's any.

Lady RoRa said...

Whoa.. I wont wish for that en. Dayat.. haha.