Thursday, October 8, 2009

Plain updates

I just can't believe that tomorrow's Friday again. It feels like last Friday was just here not too long ago. Oh well..

Lega sikit la hari ni dah memasuki separuh yang kedua, siang tadi pening ditunggangterbalikkan dalam the submerged heli simulator, tapi nasib baik ada breathing bag this time.

This week is quite bland, since Mak is away on her first paper presentation after getting her doctorate. Well that means no tuition for a week! Betapa bosannya la budak-budak tu takde membisingkan rumah.. Ozal pun is not around to pretend being a baby.. tak gitu Ozal? :P

.. And I am viewing October to be the most boring month ever so far.. sigh.


wan.adrie said...

you need a stand in tuition teacher izzit?

Lady RoRa said...

stand in teacher kat my house tak pernah berbayar.. i'm sure u taknak, haha.