Wednesday, November 11, 2009

But then..

There are times when I wish that my journey to the office would be free of the unsightly things that would impose negative energy to me.. But then, I have to accept that unsightly things are a common thing, and there's nothing I can do about it, other than correcting my point of view.

Sometimes I wish I could yell to the guy beside me who smells so foul, I may think he has no money to buy a deodorant.. But to think he's a stranger that exists only 5 minutes of journey back from the office (petang kan.. panas.. peluh ler.. adeih) it's no worth to say anything. The wife never complains I guess. That's good enough.

Sometimes I wish that I would see no tears.. But then I know I should not forget that tears could heal the sadness inside, and that one feels better after crying.

Sometimes I wish that I could just listen, that I don't have to talk. But then I hate it just to nod or shake my head or to just say 'uhuhh..' without giving opinions..

Sometimes I hope that some people would just leave me alone.. but then, if they do, I would probably miss the publicity (muahaha!) and yeah, the fame perhaps? I might as well just sit back and enjoy it (hah!).

Sometimes I try to blend, never say I didn't try.. but then the way they boast makes me ill, that I shut off all my auditory senses when they talk.. They say I was inattentive.. Whatever.


"Ah, but then.."
A phrase I remembered the most in one of the classes of Technical Writing taught by Dr. Shahrina. It was just a phrase that she uttered, and it got stucked in my head.


mangifera said...

tak baik marah orang busuk sebab bagi dia, bau dia dah wangi dah. at least dia tidak berbuat benda2 lain yang menyusahkan kamu. cuma dia berbau busuk je.

tears is a catalyst to expedite time to heal. i believe that.

talk only when you feel worth it and it's definitely worth it.

human are social primate, we tend to stick to each other eventhough we have each other. ah but then, you have freedom of choice. it's ok to not known people than knowing people and hating them after that. :)

desh said...

Before everybody start thinking that I'm a narcissistic-self centered husband, let me explain why Masters degree is a bad idea for us.

But first we must ask ourselves.

Apa yang kita inginkan dalam hidup ini?

Pejamkan mata dan vividly imagine apa yang kita mahukan.

Pejamkan mata dan vividly gambarkan dengan jelas seolah kita dapat taste dan sentuh gambar tersebut.
Buka mata perlahan lahan.

(Dah hipnosis... okay boleh teruskan membaca)

The downside of Masters degree in med sector.
Downside selepas belajar:
-Time. You get busier.

Downside semasa belajar:
-Time. You get busier.

Money memanglah boleh dapat double salary, but who needs money when you have plenty.

Knowledge wise:
I suggested her to attend short courses a few times a year to keep track on the technology.

mama danial and eva said...

i think part of myself will always be the narcissistic person (hahahah). i always want to do more. when u see someone do this and that , you delude yourself that u can do it as well ( macam what ur mom did)...

but realistically, it is not possible. yet. haha.

Lady RoRa said...

the keyword is YET, kak. haha. not permanent tu.

it will be possible when u want it to be realized :)

desh said...

Minta tolong LadyR derive the plan...

mama danial and eva said...

it is quite difficult. the age limit for master programme (medical that is) is 40 years old. unlikely i can find extra time within these 10 years. most likely , will becone chronic M.O until tua houseman already become a physician, and i am referring case to her now.

the thing is, one of the earliest thing my hubby taught me is u will get what u are willing to sacrifice (or something like that). u win some, u lose some. am i willing to lose 4 years (maybe more) of the most important years in my children life?

then after studying, i may not be posted where i want to be. until i become gazetted as pakar, i must follow wherever they campak me, at least another 2-3 years. am i willing to lose those years as well?

Lady RoRa said...

well, yeah, 1 tough decision kak zufina.

my mom was constantly away on overseas assignments when we were younger. I guess our maktok's presence helped a lot in raising us the way my mom wanted us to be.

but then again, what you forecast may not be exactly what will happen.

sometimes you need to plan, and at times you needn't the planning at all..

you know yourself better :)

desh said...

Know, as a legitimate Bassness man, I am always open to any business proposal and any kind of ideas because I like to keep an open mind.

Although when it comes to strategic planning, I always jason bourned every person in the family.

My Priority is quite simple
My Time:
1. My son -dash
2. My attractive wife
3. family members cum business associates
4. bussiness associates
5. my new born daughter
6. non bussiness associate family members
7. civilian assets.
8. friends

desh said...

What she meant by
u will get what u are willing to sacrifice (or something like that)
"everything has a price"

desh said...

Hari ni hari Sabtu, macam nak muncul update je LadyG... kikiki

dah balik hay?

Lady RoRa said...

haha.. nanti2.. tgh xde idea, sbb weekend pun kene buat kerja jugak!

desh said...

Penat. baru balik. rehat rehat.