Wednesday, December 16, 2009

My Unwind

The 3-day training in Kuala Terengganu was a really needed getaway after the Instrument Forum, the changes in my wedding arrangements, the pre-shopping activity (4 days straight!), the tiring-but-finally-I-get-what-I-want-kain-hunting and my family's kenduri. Should I call it one of the last few moments that I enjoyed my life being single? Eh, I mean unmarried :D Yeah, it was one of the perfect getaways.

Why? Because there were great friends as company, great food, great hotel, much things to laugh about, pillow talks, many unexpected things, no rules to play by, and the list goes on. Sitting on the beach with the cold night's breeze biting the skin, admiring the dark sky pierced with glittering stars, sharing good stories and silent moments.. I couldn't ask for more. I call it rejuvenation process, haha.

(Seriously, the tension got my skin to age somehow. Don't say it's not visible ok)

I must admit that I really treasure the happenings around me right now, and that I would likely recall them this way "ingat tak a few months before our weddings.. we did this and that.." (Oh, a few friends-cum-colleagues will get married around the same time like mine, so we're kinda celebrating our single life together). I suppose after marriage, a different type of life could be expected. Not to say that I am viewing marriage from a not-so-positive angle, I DIDN'T say that! Let's just say that life later will somehow change. Priorities especially. I guess it will take some time for me to adapt. But anyway, I always believe that discovering something new or going through uncharted waters bring colors to life. Afterall, I am getting myself a great partner :) And I look forward to it.

Tomorrow, I'll board the plane again. Oh, have I ever mention I love airports? Yes, I do (love airports) :)

P/S: Thanks to Encik Nazim for the great training (specially edited for you ok~ hehe)


Nazim said...

...doesn't hurt laa to mention a little bit about the wise and cool course instructor. keh keh keh - Nazim.

Lady RoRa said...


yes, i cudn't agree more, the instructor was really cool. Suke2~ kitaorg pun jadi lagi pandai :D

(haih jgn laa Nazim yg jadi assessor.. amin..) haha.

Nazim said...

tq tq and btw, how come I'm always the last to know when u people are getting or had gotten married? - case in point is Alina, early 2008 saw her for some OJT and stuff sedar2 mid-2009 dah beranak.

as for assessments, I've always been a benevolent assessor - ask anyone. heh heh heh.

Lady RoRa said...

ala En. Nazim, xsyok la kan asik nak cerita pasal kahwin je.. korang kan TP.. mesti la topik berborak pasal instrument.. kalau nak sidetrack pun, i bet it must be about cars! haha. Mana la kita pandai sgt..

no worries.. I will extend my invitation to u :D now cannot, card xsiap lagi!

desh said...

benevolent ancestor tu apa ira

Lady RoRa said...

haha.. not ancestor en. Dayat, assessor that is..

we engineers in petronas kena assess every year.. so En. Nazim is one of the assessors.. kira engineer handal la.. technical professional as we call it.

assessment ira bulan depan.. hoyeahh..~~! tp tatau la siapa yg assess..

desh said...

Oohhh... accessor.

Neways kalau nak tips lepas kahwin dan kemudian lepas ada anak boleh tanya Kak Zuf1na. Banyak tips tuu~

Masa berdua lepas kahwin orang panggil honeymoon year sebab "berdua lebih baik", tapi lepas ada anak sorang orang panggil newmoon sebab anak dah jadi werewolf..

Lady RoRa said...

nanti la ira tanya.. tgh serabut ni.. buku alam rumahtangga pon tak habis baca lagi.. hadui..

anak werewolf mcm jacob ok la kut, hensem, haha.

desh said...

Anak memang macho macam Jacob, tapi masyaAlla tak reti duduk diam asyik melompat-lompat dan berlari-lari macam Jacob gak.

Tapi kalau nak anak jambu kena jadi Edward la.

Ira, pilih la nak anak vampire ke werewolf?

Lady RoRa said...

hmm.. since Van Helsing lagi I go for werewolf.. haha.

Vampire ni.. very cold la.. and mysterious.. xminat2..

mama danial and eva said...

oh no, i tak ada tips apa-apa...hidup sendiri pun tunggang langgang walhal anak baru dua....enjoy honeymoon year ya, jalan jalan puas puas...nanti dah ada werewolf dan vampire, susah nak jalan jalan,,,