Friday, January 29, 2010

Susah la nak cakap..

Among the millions of Malaysians whom are being quite concerned about what is happening recently in the country, I am definitely one of them.

I don't want to mention whatever things that have happened, but I am wondering, where is our direction is moving towards 1Malaysia?

I am not trying to give a suggestion (apa la yang 'budak mentah' can give as a suggestion??) but this is what I think.

Everybody's talking about 1Malaysia presently. Yes I do believe that it is widely accepted, since the goodwill of this campaign is obvious - to strengthen national unity, what more in a country like Malaysia, a nation of heterogeneity (or does this kind of statement only come from a 'budak mentah' like me?) But not everyone can conform, especially to something being kinda 'enforced'. 'Enforced' like "Hey, we are a multiracial country. To ensure harmony between the races, we must do (1), (2), (3).. Or if you don't do this, you are not helping to realize 1Malaysia." I think that's tough. Not the exact approach.

When the word 'acceptance' is highlighted, some may question, to what kind of extent should the acceptance be? Tolerance of sensitivity differs from a person to another. Not everyone is ready to tolerate and accept. But I think, anyone, and I mean just about anyone, can be enticed and persuaded to accept. It is just how the enticing and persuasion come about.

1Malaysia is way more than just visiting friends of different races during their Hari Raya or CNY or Deepavali. It's way more than just admiring the diversity in cultures of the races. It is way more than just hollering '1Malaysia!' side by side with our Malay, Chinese, Indian, Sikh, Kadazan and Iban counterparts.

Whoa, this looks tough, doesn't it? And after all the things that happened to the religious centers, it looks even tougher!

I sincerely hope that our administration leaders and politicians (come one guys, you have great access to the rakyat through your blogs and ministry websites and the whole internet!) please don't just say "I condemn the act of this and that.. bla bla bla", please do something. And that 'do something', please make sure that it is doing fairness to the people, not more act that show the shallowness in prompt thinking. Stop politicizing. It only creates racial and religious and political tension. I read some politicians' blogs with the comments from the citizen. I think we have done our part in voicing out our concerns (that was what you guys wanted us to do right? Voicing our concerns?) Why can't you guys take heed? Is it because complaints have gotten boring (and that's why you made the decision to do something fun like chasing artistes?) I know it is not easy to satisfy everyone, but I guess collectively the rakyat have more or less the same concerns.

You have been, or wanna be elected. So, show us your credibility, man.

and oh, I think the issue over government servants' KPIs and whatnot is overrated. Too much publicity. Boring baca. Tak ke mana pun. Government servants pun jadi lagi fed-up.

P/S: Really hope to see Malaysia doing better in next year's Transparency International Corruption Perception Index rank. 2009: Singapore ranked 3rd best, we are ranked 56th!


desh said...

Susah woo nak buat. Any ideas from here?

desh said...

My first idea. Put the best producer on Malaysia's media. CBS, NBC they all have the best talent of Hollywood.

Because our media presentation sucks.

desh said...

I bagi contoh la.
Masa kepala boar kat masjid tu, scene yang sepatutnya ialah contoh ketua agama lain datang dan komen komen sikit ala REALITI TV condemning the action. lepas tu tolong angkat dan bersihkan. Lepas tu interaksi dengan imam. Siap peluk2.
Editing kena perfect. Cara present kat TV3 pun kena dramatik sikit.
Ala takkan diorang tak tengok cerita2 kat CBS atau NBC network.

Barulah harmoni. Budget lebih sikit pun takpe.

Lady RoRa said...

ha ah kan.. berlakon pun xpe, for the sake of national harmony.

lagipun yg propaganda lebih is politician. pakar agama pun cakap patutnya politicians jgn campur hal yg diorg tak ahlil.

desh said...

Politician ni leceh la. usah kata Ilmu agama. Ilmu psychology pun kurang. Ilmu apa yang ada? Haish.

Lady RoRa said...

Ilmu cepat kaya!

desh said...

Ilmu mengayat wanita!
Saya bukan peragut beg wanita, saya peragut hatii wanita.

Ngeeee ngeeee..

mama danial and eva said...

nak ayat wanita, tunjuk duit saja...

i guess that's how they end up with a lot of artiste wife. i mean. being an artiste is already a short cut to wealth. if u can sing a bit, and have pretty looks, u can be a singer already. shorter short cut is marry a rich guy, u become even richer, effortlessly.

in medicine, i guess we dont really feel this racial intensity. sure , patients select their doctors based on race, maybe for ease of communication. but i have chinese, indians and sikh patients who prefer to see me rather than doctors from their own race. and generally, we all treat everybody equally, no racial bias.

it is a difficult situation, when people treat you based on the colour of your skin.

desh said...

Awek "no money no honey" ni kita reject je.
Ada banyak lagi awek cun yang tak materialistik.