Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Heading towards 2011

Until this entry is written, I have only 27 posts this year? Whoa.. a sharp drop in count la Sharifah. Does that indicate that I'm busier this year or I'm just plain lazy? Hm, maybe a bit of both :D

It feels like 2010 has surpassed the speed limit to reach December. It's already the mid of the month, and most of the people in the office are on holidays. Me? Well, I just came back from my long holiday, segan la pulak kan nak cuti lagi, though I still have a couple of days that I should spend away from the office.

New Year's Resolution

I am proud to say my 2010 resolutions are all met! Many good things and great experiences happened in 2010, I can never be more thankful to Him. Alhamdulillah.

Hmm, for 2011, these are some of the things that I would love to achieve:
  • To talk when needed
    I notice lately that I talk a lot, especially when I'm excited. And I tend to feel guilty after that. So I hope next year, I will say only the necessary things.
  • To know how to answer to sarcasm
    The thing is, I am never good in answering people who like to give sarcastic remark. Why? Because I like to be the good girl. I like to imagine myself as a cute and tame doe, though some friends say my facial expression looks 'garang'. Also, I believe it's not a worthwhile thing to entertain. You know, it's like "sticks and stones may hurt my bones, but words shall not hurt me" kind of thing. But after a while, I do think that these sarcastic people should have a taste of my fist! So, watch out sarcastic people, be it a makcik, a pakcik, cik keletah whatsoever, I will have my own words to reply. Don't ever think that I'm a pushover!
  • To be a well-informed citizen who knows how to evaluate news and issues
    If there is one thing I love about my dad apart from him being my dad, is that he always keeps abreast of the news around the world and will always have mind-opening opinions about the matters that are going on in the nation. I realize that I lack in that aspect. I don't really know how to achieve this goal; I guess having a wide source of information will somehow help. You see, I really aspire to be someone who expresses the opinions of the society. What more with the goings-on in Malaysia, where common people get more suppressed day by day. So far, I am so not qualified! Sigh.
  • To value money more
    This is just to remind myself to be wiser in managing my money. Not that I'm a big spender; I just spend on the things I've budgeted for only. I would love to see more savings and diversed investments in 2011.

Things to expect in 2011:
  • Our baby's arrival, insya Allah :)
  • Our Bangi home modification! I'm going to Home ID Deco Expo tomorrow! Can't wait to find lotsa good stuff. And yes, I sooo can't wait to move into our own house. Though I know it's gonna be tiring, but after waiting for quite long (and by that time we're already married for over a year! A year staying in parents' house is definitely NOT COOL) moving into our own house is absolutely something to look forward to. Finally we will have our own privacy again.. like what we had in Reading.
Like we all always wish for the new year to be better than the year before, I have the same hope too. And while the new year is still very young, I will be a year older. And yes I do hope I would be a lot wiser. Wiser in judgment, wiser in words, wiser in action, wiser in life decision and wiser in religious matters.

"When the world pushes you to your knees, you are in perfect position to pray. If Allah brings you to it, He will bring you through it.."

I will tawakkal, do my best and leave the rest to Allah.

P.S: New year la sangat.. new year Islamic calendar da lepas da :P


akiss ferrero. said...

Amin. :)

Anonymous said...

sharifah bebeh,

new year resolutions eh...i like the baby fact, there's gonna be like 3 new junior Raja Muda next year..yeaaaah!!

let's pray anybody from the gang would walk down the aisle so that we can gather again..


desh said...

Wah. Good resolution. Coool.
Good luck. :)

Lady RoRa said...

ziad: rasanya kita celeb raya je la next time around.. nak berbuka puasa sesama, aku rs tak sempat kut, haha. but definitely am looking forward to assemble all 3 juniors!

en. dayat & akiss: tq~ :)

hanehassan said...

yes ira..own place is a must..! like my mom said

"biar banyak rumah, jgn banyak serumah.."