Saturday, December 25, 2010

I'm so bored..

What a plain boring 3-day weekend it is.

No new mail, silent handphone, boring TV programs, Ain being away to Penang.. hishh.. surely there's more meaning to life, Sharifah!

And what am I doing here in KL? I should be going somewhere to get fresh air! (ceh.. baru balik dari cuti nak cuti lagi eh..) Of course!

Not really looking forward for the new year.. Not after I completed watching 'The Arrivals' series.. hmm..

January used to be my fave month, but not anymore. Lately I don't think it's fun celebrating birthdays (it makes me feel aged.. :\ ).. unless if the occasion is for kids la..

Oh.. thank God for Haikal's reception tomorrow.. perhaps I'll meet some familiar faces.

(posting this entry is already enough to indicate how drop-dead bored I am..)

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