Thursday, May 5, 2011

These final few weeks..

Okay nampaknya saya memang sungguh pemalas nak update blog tahun 2011 ni. One update per month.. it used to be 3 average posts in 2010 and 4 in 2009.. Well, nothing big to tell, really.. what I'm undergoing now is very much similar to what other women have experienced.. so I guess it's not a big deal..

Ok, so I'm in the final stage of my pregnancy.. soon reaching 9 months' mark. Yeah, I'm kinda feeling excited about it.. always imagining that my baby and I will lie on the bed together.. with me looking at her in disbelief since she was formerly inside me. Ahh, saya memang suka berangan!

Hubby's back for good. Good :) No need to skype anymore, what more with the lousy wireless connection at home (Cisco modem pun boleh buat hal eh? Kalau Huawei boleh la terima..) I just hope the 1st shipment he sent back will reach home in time.. if not, I'll be missing my Medela and will have to scout for a manual breastpump instead. Cis. Tak nak!

I'll be having my checkup today. Usually it's on Saturdays, but I will be attending antenatal class with my hubby this Saturday, so I have to reschedule the visit to the doctor. There are a lot of things going on for us presently.. We're not only focusing on the baby's arrival, but also we are in the preparation to get our Bangi house ready. Last week, hubby and I went to Homedec at KL Convention Center, and we bought the kitchen hob-cooking hood-oven set and a Coway water filter. It sounds like we didn't really shop, doesn't it? Those 2 items already costing us more than RM5k ok. Baru 2 benda.. lom lagi cabinet idaman hati itu. Well, the cabinet issue is something to be deeply thought about. I booked promotional prices with 2 cabinet vendors, but I am having second thoughts on their available range of colors and materials (dem!) Nasib tak bayar banyak pun.. if not.. sob sob..

I think this won't be the last post before I pop. I'll update later. Til then, latersss~

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