Tuesday, July 5, 2011

The last days of pregnancy (and the thank-yous)

Hello guys :) it has really been a while hasn't it? I wrote that I'm gonna write another post before I pop, but it didn't happen. Trust me, the month of May was a hectic one. Even though I spent most of the time only at the office, but the hours at the office were really occupied with reports and updates. Then, occasionally I wasn't fit enough.. a bit of fever and fatigue at times.. so, I couldn't really write.

Well, I'm gonna tell you what happened on the days that I really felt were eventful.

May 22nd. Mr. Hubby and I had the chance to go on another mini honeymoon. We got this great deal to stay at Pullman Hotel, so we chose to go to the one in Putrajaya for 3 days and 2 nights. I must say we were lucky to get a room facing the lake. The scene from the room was splendid!

The view from our balcony

A view of the hotel

Mr. Hubby and Mrs. Fatty Me

May 26th. I had my checkup with Dr. Idora. This checkup was a bit different from my previous checkups where Dr. Idora performed what I call the 'finger' examination. Ala, the type of examination where the doctor measures how much a pregnant lady has dilated. Not sure what I am talking about? Ala, go google it lah :p I was pretty much excited about it. New experience lah katakan.. It didn't really hurt like what my colleagues told me. Well, maybe it's a different experience for different people.

May 27th. I was at the office completing my work, hoping that they would finish before my baby's due date. Anyway I was feeling a bit weird that day after the 'finger examination'. After lunch, I noticed there were extra discharge and I didn't feel good about it. Colleagues around me urged that I should go to the hospital. Yatt took the trouble to drive me to the hospital and waited for almost 2 hours until I completed the checkup. Luckily I was not ready for labor. The nurse in charge performed the 'finger' examination and said my opening was only about 1 cm. She advised me to go home.

May 28th. From just mere clear-pinkish discharge, it turned to be period-like discharge. I was really nervous. I spent the night at the labor room whereby I was placed under observation. Minor contractions started to take place (well, even though they were minor, they were painful ok!) Dr. Idora was away on leave, so I was put under Dr. Premitha's supervision instead. She came the next morning and had me examined. The opening was still 1 cm. So I went home that Sunday morning.

May 29th. I really couldn't sleep that night. My abdomen was aching like every 10 minutes the entire night. I wondered what sort of pain it could be. But never in my mind would I think it was the early stage of labor pain.

May 30th. That morning I woke up feeling drowsy, tired and in pain. I told my mom I felt like passing motion but I couldn't. She said I should go to the hospital. Luckily Mr. Hubby decided to take EL. After being examined by the nurse, she confirmed that the opening was already 5cm. "You're ready for labor, Sharifah!" The nervous feeling was no more at that time.. it was more to 'come what may' mode.

So 12 hours in labor room.. and at about 10.30 pm, Zara Soraya was born. I never thought that 'Zara Soraya' would really exist in my life, but thank Allah, she's here. And what's more important, she's mine :)

"Hello World!"

I would like to thank my parents, siblings and friends (especially Yatt, Caah, Aween, Kak Nedd, Kak Wahida, Zamila and Ziadora) who helped me when I was going through my pregnancy. It was a great and a fun journey. Zara was really strong inside me, even though when I was chasing Dayabumi's elevator or the LRT or doing brisk walking. 

I am now near to the end of my confinement (which I think I'm gonna miss!). Thanks Mak Abah for taking care of me and the baby, thanks Ain, Aishah and Ozal for helping me watching over Zara, and thanks Mr. Hubby too for going through the sleepless nights with me.I'm not sure if I'm gonna miss not being able to sleep, but I surely don't wanna miss watching Zara grow.

Oh well, motherhood's here to stay..~



ko tak amek epidural la yea? dh reach 5cm tuh...bunyi mudah jer perjalanan zara nak melihat dunia..

welcome my dear zara~

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hui amik laaa~ dah malas nak tahan sakit da Ziad..

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tq en. Dayat~