Monday, August 22, 2011

Some blabs before Raya arrives

My Eid this year will be a lot different than the previous ones. Of course it will be extra special with Zara's presence :) I'll be celebrating the first two days of Eid at husband's grandma's place. It may be a lil awkward I suppose since most of the relatives there are very much new to me. Oh well, like husband always says, that's how grown ups celebrate their raya. Yeah.. And in a few weeks' time we'll be moving to Bangi. Gosh.. I'll have my own set of neighbors.. Even the neighbors around my parents' house, most of them I hardly recognize their faces. I'm kinda sure that I'll meet many friendly faces in the new neighborhood (I hope!)

Guess this year is the year of adjusting.. Adapting.. Totally grownups' affair..

Last year, we celebrated Eid in London. Though husband and I were surrounded by newly-met friends, but it was certainly a fun Eid. Perhaps it was due to our talent in the kitchen, cooking all sorts of dishes usually prepared during Eid, so missing Malaysia didn't feel that bad. Or maybe because we just knew how to adapt ourselves being far away from families..

The preparation for Eid this year, I think, is more centered around Zara. I guess it's somehow true that parents do shopping for their kids more than they do for themselves. Well, never I mind, because shopping for little girls has this sense of never-ending excitement. Can't wait for Zara to grow.. So that mommy can dress her up! :D

But too bad I'll only have 2 weeks to celebrate Eid. The remaining 2 weeks will be spent in Bintulu for work. Though Zara will come along, but honestly I can't imagine myself staying with only her without her daddy, aunties and atoks. I am beginning to think that being a working mother is not at all easy. But staying out of work is never a good idea.. No matter how thick-pocketed a husband is.

Oh well, Ramadhan is ending in about a week's time. Time flies.. Scarily fast..

If I can make wishes on Eid, I guess I would wish for the most time with Zara and husband. The whole-week leave is the best time for me to compensate the time I am away at work. And oh, I hope that we'll make it to move to our new home :) husband's really worked his b*** off to get all the renovation plan completed on time. This week, we'll be shopping for a few more items. Can't wait to get them done!

Alright, til then, I'd like to wish you guys Selamat Hari Raya, maaf zahir batin :) Enjoy your time with your beloveds!

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selamat hari raya too! berani ko yea nak gi bintulu berdua jer dgn zara...? mmg supermak..