Tuesday, September 13, 2011

I'm writing this with Beast's Fiction playing in my head

Hye guys :)

Just to write it down here. I connected my blog to my Facebook notes. But the full blog post will not be shown in the notes. To view the entire text, click at the 'View Original Post' button (kiasu takut orang baca truncated post.. Afraid if anyone will get the wrong idea..)

If there is one thing I feel like doing now, it's still shopping. And if I think I'm about to go broke, well then window shopping is fair enough :p Surrounded by Groupon-crazy girlfriends only makes it worse. I know I know, Internet shopping can be an alternative.. Hmm I guess it's not the same with walking into nice-smelling/ perfume-scented retail shops. It somehow feels tranquilizing..

And.. If there is one thing I wanna wish for, I wish that I will be able to continuously feed Zara exclusively with breast milk. So far I'm doing good, all praises to Allah. Zara has reached 6.25kg last weekend, syukur alhamdulillah.

Oh yeah.. Did I mention I already reached below pre-pregnancy weight? Hehe. I think the credit goes to breastfeeding and that Shaklee ESP shake. Exercise? Hmm, I only do short distance walking everyday for about ten minutes. No rigorous exercise yet.

I was rearranging my hanged clothes last night when I found a pair of maternity pants still having its price tag. I totally have forgotten about it. It's not that I have many maternity wear anyway. But I still like to wear one of those baggy maternity slacks.. Very comfy and airy.

A few days have passed with me being busy at the office preparing the 2012 budget for I&C. Being a budget preparer may sound cool if I'm a planner or a HR personnel, but doing so in my department somehow makes me feel lame. Somebody told me before never to decline any work from the boss. But I wonder does that statement apply to very occasion? I don't really think so. But neither can I decline anyway. Somebody has to do it. I know that I have the 'can do it' attitude. Though at times the positive vibes can somehow be affected by negative and judgmental remarks from boastful chests. Oh well, people come into your lives and will soon leave..

I really envy people who get to do what their hearts or minds are fond of. But one in my list is already labeled as 'just forget it'. I do have another thing in mind, but I'm kinda clueless on how to go about it even though I've been doing it for more than half a decade. Poor thing. I wonder if Beckham weren't a footballer, would he be this successful? It's not that easy to tell eh..

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