Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Episod rumah baru: Garden Homes Bangi

1st October 2011. A fresh start for Papa, Mama and Zara. In our new home ;)

Finally.. after months of waiting, we have now moved to our own house in Garden Homes, Bangi!

The house was started to be renovated soon after Zara was delivered. We knew we shouldn't wait any longer since we already gotten the house key before Papa got back from the UK.

After like 2 months + of renovation, designing our own kitchen and TV cabinets (and getting them to be completed by the contractor pun lama jugak!) and a few weeks of scouting for furniture (believe me, we were sickeningly choosy..) we were ready to move in.. yay~! after all the hard work.. Sian Papa.. he was the planner, he was the designer of the bathrooms and cabinets (and I got to do the approving part je.. hehe.. was in confinement kan.. sure la tak larat) he was the project manager.. semualah. Really, kudos to you sayang :) Memang well-rounded habis.

Right now, the basic furniture are already in. Maybe if we have time to go to HomeDec exhibition this weekend, maybe we'll find more interesting things to buy. I just can't stop thinking about that Dyson fan... arrghhh..

So peeps, these are a few pics of the house that we took over the months.. and how it looks like now ;)

Renovation works ongoing. Everything was dumped at the car porch, huhu.. Belum scrub2 lagi lantai porch neh..

Air cond guy installing the mounting bracket. I think the guy in white was Acin, our plaster ceiling + wiring contractor. I call him Chuck Bass cuz he had the berlagakkss attitude.

I love the mosaic on the wall. The cabinet installation really took quite some time to be completed. Yeah, alright, impatient me.

So okay.. rumah dah siap.. So here's how it looks like presently..

The living room. Someone asked us if we bought the TV cabinet from Ikea. Haha, no we didn't. It was designed by Hubby and me, after doing a lot of googling on modern TV cabinets. The curtains were tailored by The Living Depot, Bangi. They measured, helped us with the curtain choices and installed them up. They have good discounts too. 

The dining room. Yeah, you must be thinking that we may have this 'white' fetish kan? Haha. not really anyway. Just suka dengan dining set ni. Tu je :)

The kitchen - my face place! While my Hubby was in the UK, I had lots of time to shop alone. So I did my share of scouting for choices of kitchen cabinet (especially!) among other things, and learned a lot from cabinet vendors. I was thoroughly educated on pressboards, solid surface top, granite top, concrete top, melamine door, acrylic door, 3G door, 4G door....etc. If you are a choosy lot, you'll find that there are many ways to minimize the cost (and many ways to increase the cost too, haha!). We chose to use quartz top, which costs more than granite top. Yeah, agak mahal la.. but it's worth it, because I know myself. I'm careless. Quartz top (and granite top) will not be stained by spills of turmeric powder or curry power. Ni pun dah a few times tersprinkle curry powder atas top. A lot of things I can write about cabinets. Tapi hm, malas la nak cerita lebih2. Just ask me (or pergi je la kedai cabinet kan :D) if you wanna know more.

The bedroom. The bed pun putih jugak. Ornamented divine bed and 11" Sweetdream mattress. Tilam memang sedap la kan.. Lesson learnt from the mattress in my room back in Sg Buloh.. asyik sakit pinggang je. The red background tu saja je. Nampak meriah sikit.

The main bathroom. We totally revamped this bathroom. The color was inspired by KL Convention Centre toilet (claimed by Hubby lah.. he usually has events going there.. and he actually snapped a few photos of the toilet there and bought the tiles to follow its color)

And my little darling Zara makin enjoy mandi in her Puj Tub. Got it soon after my boss told me I had to go outstation. It's like a mobile bath place for babies up to 6 months. Mandi kat sink je eh sayang.. kurang la sikit sakit pinggang mama.. :)

Housewarming? In the plan.. In the plan.. Hopefully before end of the year. Hubby says we might need to do it in batches, sebab kitaorg malas nak rearrange the furniture. Nape malas? Because we are the only 2 adults in the house.. and orang perempuan mana boleh angkat heavy things.. Especially after delivery. Lagi kena jaga tau. 
Hehe. Just wait for our invitation ya bebehs!

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MammaSun said...

hai ira...kebetulan aku tgh survey pasal preparation nak masuk umah baru, skali termasuk sini...ekekeke... Pandai ko deco...shantek! Kalo buat housewarming, ajak2 ler kite ekk...