Tuesday, January 7, 2014

My Version of 29 Awesome Things About Being 29

I'm gonna say goodbye to being in my 20s in a few days' time. Yeah, I really think being born in January is uncool.. contradictory to what I used to think when I was in school, haha. Saw this interesting list on buzzfeed about 29-year-olds.. thought I would just like to share it, from my point of view, lol.

So here is..

29 Awesome Things About Being 29
By Jessica Misener, Buzzfeed staff

1. You just generally give less of a shit.
Well, yeah, kinda. Like I don't care about how expensive your wedding is, or how much you can spend on your vacations, etc. I only care about the things that affect me. Like the government policies. Yep, we're talking serious here.

2. 11 p.m. has become a socially acceptable bedtime.
Well, we are worse. We go to bed at 10 pm. or whenever we possibly can, 9.30 pm. Or else we'll end up like this:

3. When you’re around younger people, you can still claim “being in your twenties,” but you can also hang around thirty-somethings with ease.
Well, yeah, I do this too. But I would prefer being around the early 30s. LOL. 

4. Craft beer is delicious.
Skip this. I dunno what the hell craft beer is.

5. You can look back on your twenty-something heartbreaks as learning experiences, and not just soul-crushing acts of emotional sadism.
I never treat past heartbreaks as soul-crushing. They were just a waste of time and energy actually. I wish they weren't existent.
 Credit: Quiksilver

6. Gossip bothers you WAY less now.
Gossips about friends, nah.. not interested. But just to kill time while waiting for my thosai and hot milo, I read these :D
 .. for my daily dose of gossips to laugh at or to loathe about.

7. You’ve made the extremely wise decision of investing in a memory-foam pillow.
This statement is totally for my husband. LOL.

8. You don’t feel the need to join every single new social media network.
Nope, I don't have Twitter account. And am proud of it. 

9. All your friends are just as tired as you are.
I dunno. I don't think so. Many of them are busy joining marathons. Maybe they are just plain bored.
 This is me studying for ACD. Am honestly tired of it. Credit: Shutterstock

10. You have no problem telling people to go jump in a lake.
Yep. And I won't help you if you drown. Cuz I can't swim.

11. No one will judge you for ordering white wine at a bar.
I dunno if you can only order beer at a bar. I have no idea how bars operate.

12. You don’t have to care about knowing what an “Avicii” is.
I happen to know Avicii's an artiste from an annoying pop-up message on one of the gossip websites I went to.
 Exactly. Credit to GWPatriot

13. You’re old enough to remember Friends.
I love this episode. Ok, I'm OLD enough!
 LOL! Credit to Pinterest.

14. Getting ready now takes 5 minutes.

It's possible. Trust me. Thanks to Ruelala

15. You spend less money on stupid stuff.
This was (I think!) the last stupid thing that I got. It costed RM2k. And it wasn't so smart at all. Regretting of asking my husband to place it as one of the 'hantarans' until now. Credit to PhoneArena

16. You’ve stopped pretending that an ill-fated hookup can’t mess with your emotions in the same way as a failed relationship.
Ill-fated hookup? I didn't have that.

17. You wear what’s comfortable.
Yeah I guess so. 
There were days when I wore babies like this to lectures. Can you believe it? You'd better.

18. You can refer to “college kids” as such, because kids they are.
It's fun referring to them as 'kids'. I think they are an annoying lot. Korean contact lenses, hijabista-wannabes, color-blocking addict.. and all on their parents' money. Erghh yuck! Those born in the 90s and forward.

19. You’re willing to pay extra for a nice hotel room.
Yep yep. And it's not weird if the hotel is in KL. LOL.

Papa, let's go here again! Thanks to KL Photos

20. If you have a crush on someone, you just tell them.
Ok, I can never confess. But I can do this. LOL.
 Hehe.. Credit to 8tracks.

21. You recall your early twenties…and wonder what the hell you were thinking.
Ok I blame this entirely on Dr. Mohamad and Dr. Nordin (tak boleh tulis nama penuh kang orang google2 terjumpa pulak!)
Krohhh krohhh.. everytime. Memang super gila betul cuz their voices sounded like lullaby. Credit to Agefotostock.

22. You’ve stopped lying about having seen a certain movie or read a certain book.
I've stopped since upper form. Haha.

23. Vacations don’t have to involve any plans besides CHILLING TO THE MAX.
I wish! The realistic plan now is to get the KIDS to chill to the max. And that may mean an entire day spent at the swimming pool or the playground.

24. You’ve learned to take everything a lot less personally.

Maybe this also, will be ok someday, LOL. Credit to Quickmeme.

25. When one of your friends complains about their dating drama, you’re just glad you don’t put up with petty crap anymore.
That's because all of us are married!
LOL! Credit to rapgenius.

26. You remember watching actual music videos on MTV and VH1.
Yeah.. and MTV was a rare thing because we didn't have cable channels.
Can you recall this video/ song? I totally loved it. Picture source here.

27. You’ll go to a bar by yourself without feeling weird.
I don't go to bars.

28. The idea of having a kid — if you don’t have one already — doesn’t freak you out QUITE as much.

Aww.. who wouldn't want kids of their own.. Credit to Secretsofagoodgirl.

29. You’re not scared of turning 30, because you’re more confident in who you are than ever!
...OK, maybe you're a *teensy* bit scared.    
Oh well..
I AM a bit scared.. LOL. Thanks to cocreatingourreality.

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