Sunday, October 25, 2015

After so long..

Assalamualaikum fellow readers.. :)

Whoa.. cobwebs everywhere.. fuuhh fuhh. It's not that I'm not into writing anymore. Writing has always been one of my favorite pastimes but seriously, for the past 9+ months, I haven't really had the time. A lot of things happening, with DXB Bakers on the go, and Zara has started school, and yes, I have started my Master's degree last month. It's overwhelming really. But like I have always done before, I like to prioritize. And for now, apart from the kids and my husband, my postgraduate is of utmost importance.

These past one year has been a year of change. Change in our family location, change in my career, change in our daily routines, meeting new friends, etc. My cooking and baking skills have improved (haha!) and yeah, I hope to be able to cook effortlessly like Gordon Ramsey or Guy Fieri (no I don't like Giada de Laurentiis eghh). I need to brush up on cake decorating though. Watching Youtube everyday without hands on is kinda difficult to sharpen the skills. Well, anyway..

I bought.. well, my husband bought for me this new gadget called Fitbit Charge. I love it so much because it helps me to count every step I take, every stair I climb and how many calories I have burnt. I couldn't rely on my S Health app on my Galaxy Note 4 as it always missed the step count (and making me feel underachieving.. ughhh). I already have it for like 2 weeks now, and my average daily step count is about 12,000 steps. Amazing for a homemaker huh. Haha.

 My Fitbit Charge

Zara is happy to be in school and she has learnt to read! I'm so excited of her milestone. Her classmates are of diverse nationalities, and I really enjoy the company of the mothers I meet at the school. There is this sweet Japanese lady names Rieko Takahata (mom of Sara), and the talented Emirates stewardess Charmaine Bordallo (mom of Olivja), the bubbly Singaporean Leanne Ng (mom of Kayla) and the very interesting Singaporean Wann (mom of Aaron). She inspired me to get the Fitbit. I really love talking to her. Feels like a liberation of soul. Hahah. And yes, I really do like her class teacher Ms Lynch. Very accommodating and kids-friendly.

I should be going by now. Fahim has woken up. And after that Zuhur prayers before I leave to fetch Zara.

Till then peeps. Gday.

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