Saturday, May 31, 2008

Sabtu Malam Ahad

Today is the final day of May.. and I'm glad it ended with a feel of happiness inside =) though I don't really like May, and it felt like forever to reach this date. Alhamdulillah tomorrow is June.. well, not that I like June either.. but I would love to see what will happen to me in June :) (bunyi mcm saspens jek eh.. ececece..)

When I started this blog, I told myself that I wouldn't want to write about myself.. I mean, I don't wanna get that personal. Hmm, I guess I would wanna ask for an exemption for this post, boleh? Sure la boleh kan.. this is my blog pun :P

Currently mood:
I am a little excited. I will not reveal the reason as yet.. but I know for sure it will make my sleep to have less tossing and turning after this. I know I could smile more eventually.. pray hard!

Current wish:
To make some people know that I am actually not that dependable (yes!) Why..? Cuz I wish those whom I reckon could be independent could actually be independent. I don't nag, but don't presume I will just accept. Since I don't really express myself that clearly face-to-face (tak sampai hati beb..) I'll just say it here. Please Grow Up. I have my life to lead too.

Current indulgences:
One Republic (they are sooo good! It's so hard to sing Stop & Stare like the vocalist does..) and health matters. Do you know that is it wise to vary your cultured-drink because if you drink the same type of cultured bacteria everyday, they will get used to your intestinal tract environment, and that is not so good for your stomach (err.. correct me if I'm wrong kak Zufina..) haha.. if you are interested, you might wanna read more details on prebiotics and probiotics. Important for babies. Mommas-to-be, please take note!

And at present, I take different cultured yogurt drink daily (^_^)

Current lesson learnt:
Honesty is the best policy.. I should admit that the statement holds. I think I was honest enough these two months to tell my superior what I wanted to tell for the past few months. But nevertheless, my honesty, without His help, would still mean nothing.

Current nostalgia:
30th May 2007: Modern Control Engineering was the final exam paper I sat for. I missed the time my coursemates and I ran for the library to shoot some photos after the exam ended.

Current issue:
Our KPDNHEP minister is kinda slow in solving the hike in the price of rice, isn't he? I thought he was this really effective leader.. sigh (abes la I kena ISA kalau salah cakap). I would not buy rice for the time being if I were Mom. Makan roti hari-hari. Boleh diet! (perhaps only applicable to the unmarried.. {>_<})

ermm.. mungkin itu suggestion yang lame.. huhu..


[YeOp] said...

wah.. u still remember the date of your last paper ever in utp!

hmm, my last paper ever was on 23 may 2008. drilling & production technology~

i'm graduating! woohoo~

Sharifah Zahira Syed Iedin said...

ahh.. icic.. kamu budak petroleum :)

akak budak instrument =) dulu2 lah.. haha :)

Anonymous said...

Yup i like that one, Honesty is the Best Policy

Eera sekarang dah jadi Akak ke, hehehe