Saturday, August 16, 2008

I swear~

Mungkinkah selepas ini, perlakuan bersumpah demi Al-Quran akan dipertikaikan kesahihannya?

In my case, I am thinking like that because I doubt him. (ok.. mungkin selepas ini, aku akan dikata shallow lagi, huh)

My concern is that, when he swore in the name of the holy Quran, and when he stated that he is willing to accept any consequence, i.e. dilaknati Tuhan, did he really mean it?

Yeah, some may say that I doubt him due to the fact that I dislike him. No, it's not like that. I don't hate him, nor like him even. It's just that I doubt his faith.

If his faith is really strong, if he is really God-fearing, and if he feels that swearing by the name of the holy book is the only way, then I would say he is telling the truth. (But still, what took him so long to reveal he was a victim after a few times being the toy? Well, perhaps his contemplating took him a while to do so la kan.. PERHAPS!)

If he is not that God-fearing, has never seen God's damnation to those who swears in falsity by His name, I would say his decision to swear is based on something like this: "Alah, laknat Tuhan tu bukannya immediately taking place, so boleh la ada masa senggang to finish the case before I am really grounded by God". That is my perception je la.. Budak-budak muda ni bukan boleh dipercayai sangat. Especially yang iman tak kuat ni.

Sama ada he is really God-fearing or not, I don't have the say. There are too many munafiqs around, which makes it hard for ordinary people like me to really see right through them, whether they perform their obligation purely on sincerity, repentance and succumbing to His divinity, or just to maintain a good name in the eyes of people, so that they will benefit something out of it. Politics.

Entahlah... there is always interesting political story when it comes to Anwar's case, since 1998.

What is exasperating about it is that, now, swearing in the name of Al-Quran has been politicized. If that boy is true in his swearing, fine. If, the swearing made by him is a swearing of a munafiq, then, nobody will trust the swearing in the name of Al-Quran anymore. Again, the pride of Islam will erode bit by bit. I don't wanna witness all those, I wish I won't have to.


Shamir said...

Hey, thanks for your comment ya.. Hmm well, kalau nak pakej murah u can ask.. Saya mmg travel pun to other states.. My clients are seemless.. ahax.. cherios.. Once again thnx for your comment.. :)

Azrin said...

My question for him if i ever see him:
1) if you fear God, would you allow a 61 year-old man to sodomise you?
2) or if you fear God, why do you subject yourself to consensual sex with a 61 year old man?

desh said...

"Bear, I swear saw."
"Abang, air suam satu."

Ainul Hafiz said...

After the swearing took place, Utusan and The Star reported to different version of Saiful's statement:

From Utusan

"Dalam laporannya, Mohd. Saiful menuduh Anwar meliwatnya beberapa kali, kali terakhir pada 26 Jun lalu."

From The Star

"Asked whether this was the first time he was sodomised, Saiful said: “Yes, it was"

I know the papers can't be trusted, but someone out there needs to clear himself out.

Sharifah Zahira Syed Iedin said...

I know I won't trust the mainstream newspapers until I have read all the reports on other resources.

Good analyzing Enol =) (ala2 Hancock, hehe..)

desh said...

Hitchcock maybe.

desh said...

The Star is more fun to read compared to NST, Utusan and Berita.