Sunday, August 31, 2008

1 Ramadhan =)

You know.. whenever I encounter some 'gelabah' feelings when I'm about to deal with people that I am not used to, I like to picture this scene in my head: that the work can get done if the fear is not there. That I can just go and discuss a few things, get the finalization, and tada~ kerja siap!

To get that pictured in mind is easy.. but to overcome it, why so hard?

I like to imagine myself operating without any emotions. Perhaps it would be a lot easier to accomplish things. Say, the boss says "Do this and submit it next week.." I really hope that employees can just respond " Alright boss, next week it is." without the intervention of "Alamak.. next week aku nak cuti la.." or "Can't my boss speak a little softer to me..?" or "Why is it that I get to do all the chores.. mamat sebelah aku ni tak kena pun!"

Imagining this, I remind myself that it is best not to whine. Because of that, I view people who complain as loathing. So, if I have a few grumbles, I'll just keep it within.

Generalized list of people's idea during the fasting month:
- terawih every night (dapatkah??)
- hmmhmm.. apa ada di Bazaar Ramadhan petang nanti? hehehe..
- Malam nanti nak berbuka apa/ kat mana?
- Hotels giving good Ramadhan buffet deals.. let's go!
- Baju Raya/ kuih raya dah beli belum?

Hehe.. regardless of whatever that we think about, I just wanna wish my friends selamat berpuasa and selamat beribadat =) tiada gangguan untuk sebulan ni kan.. kerana si 'dia' kena unpaid leave sebulan.. hehe.


ashrapai said...

Generalized ideas: Makin puasa makin mikir pasal makan..hehe

desh said...

Excited by emotions our thought being clouded, we cannot see the truth about life.
When we see the truth, however, our thoughts become free of emotions.