Sunday, August 10, 2008

On the 10th day of August

Waarrgghh~ haha.. stretching jap.

Ohho.. I am 10 days late in greeting my most-awaited month. I was a little bit occupied with extra-curricular activities (which I really love~ haha) and handing-over process, since my replacement has just came in.

These two weeks have been great for me definitely. The fact that I still have that emceeing voice (3 days of emceeing in a week for PETRONAS level!) really made me feel good. Plus, meeting Faridah Merican in person was a great experience I should admit. She delivered a really good speech that day during the Future Leaders Forum, which even made the CEOs impressed. I reckon great minds come with experience.

August has been a special month, last year and this year too hopefully. Last year, my prayer was answered in a blink of an eye, and I am forever thankful to Him for listening so closely to me. Yerp, soon it will be exactly one year since I gotten the best gift. This year, let's see.. hmm, my transfer to GTS R&T and Ain's graduation, among those written in my calendar.

My complaint for this time around: It's kinda hard nowadays to taste good nasi minyak. Many of the weddings I went to, the nasi minyak tasted bland. A sigh for the ceremonies definitely. Sorry for having that sort of criticism. Or perhaps, the most suitable reasoning for that is because different people have different tastebuds.. and that their tastes differ from mine.. heheh..

Oh well, nothing so significant to write about. I escaped from reading the news for a few days already. Tired of the politics (and the Bar Council issues too!)

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