Saturday, May 2, 2009

Just some updates..

Although today is Saturday, but it feels like it's Monday tomorrow. Feels a little bit awkward with 3 days off. Anyway..

Yesterday, the UPU online result was announced, and Ozal got a place in UiTM Perlis. Well, my parents wished that he would get himself a place not too far from home. I guess after this my parents will be willingly happy to have outstations in the northern region to visit Ozal more frequently. Surely after this, our weekends won't be as cheerful as it is now.. We, especially Ain, will miss Ozal..

A few of Ozal's friends didn't get a place, and seriously I felt sorry for them. My mom is heavily bugged by the worried parents these few days, seeking for advice on their next step since their children didn't manage to get through, other than seeking for comfort. Well, kesian these parents.. cuz of their children didn't score in SPM, they had to find other ways to get them a place in some private college. Well, I guess the admittance criteria to universities are now getting stricter. During my time, even those who scored 2As could go to Matriculation. Now, I don't think so. Getting 10As also is not something extraordinary at all nowadays.. Oh well, I am glad I have passed through all that.

Fatin called me just now. One of the topics discussed was about Tomok's victory in last night's OiaM grand finals. I thought I was the only in my circle of friends who voted, but Fatin voted for Tomok even more okay! Haha.. I first voted YES for Aweera, and a few NOs for Esther (hehe, jgn marah aa.. tak minat Esther langsung!) and 3 YESes for Tomok. Fatin voted 15 YESes for Tomok alright! Way to go Tein.. =) All in all, Tomok won, and I really hope that he will make full use of his advantage being the champion, unlike Suki and Ayu, respectively being overtaken by Faizal Tahir and Shila, eventhough they were champions of the previous OiaMs. And I hope Aweera and Esther will make more fortunes after this, and that for Aweera not to go and collect tins to make ends meet. It was indeed a pity to be listening to those kinds of hard situations. Unimaginable. Seriously.

I will be back in Kertih on Monday. I suppose this "jumper"-type of life will not be relaxed so soon. Nevertheless, I guess it's okay, since there are not many important things to happen in May. Only a few family and friends' weddings to attend, but that will only be the activities during the weekends. Oh ya, some shopping for Ozal of course.

Thank God tomorrow's Sunday. I still have another day to lepak around.


syuk said...

kertih keja mana kak pah?

Sharifah Zahira Syed Iedin said...


(ko bukan senior aku ke?? )

desh said...

You meant breakfast in KL, lunch in Myanmar and dinner in Kertih type of life? :D

Sharifah Zahira Syed Iedin said...

Whoa.. tak la se-bz tu en. Dayat.

I'm just a jumper on weekly basis je, haha.

Last 2 weeks i was in Miri. esok ke kertih. It'll be a lot easier to jump rather than to ride the plane.. too much UV radiation, haha.

desh said...

Jumper. I think you hated that movie. Haha.

Well, the world is getting more competitive.
I remember my uncle told me there was a time when being selected to the polytechnic is considered elite back in the 70's.

In the 90's, I didn't get straight A1's and still got my first choice course in my first choice University.

The bar is being raised, isn't it?
Or not.

Sharifah Zahira Syed Iedin said...

Yes, I hated that movie. What a waste for my money, haha. Heroine pun x cun.

Bak kata my grandma, En. Dayat, "dulu senang, orang x ramai sgt, 3rd grader pun sekarang CEO2 saja.. but now, no more.."

survival for the fittest kan.

but not necessarily kena jadi booksmart.

kokokrunch said...

Hai Hira!pls send my BIG congratulations to Ozal! =)